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Why do doctors lie and give bad information thinking that it's "conservative"?
On a question over here, someone said that a blood glucose of 120 mg/dL is "normal".

Hell no! But I see doctors say this kind of thing, because I guess they're worried the patient will try to keep tighter control and run into more hypogylycemic episodes.

120 is safe, not ideal, and not normal.It makes me wonder if docters knowingly don't give the best care advice or if they've really forgotten that much.
Additional Details
guess what? I'm a full IDDM diabetic and I keep my sugars below 120 AND I have wake up sugars of 95-105. It is possible if you practice Insulin-intensive therapy, aka "tight control". And I haven't had any hypoglycemic episodes requiring hospitalization in over 2 years.

So if you're there thinking that 120 is acceptable, you are out of date, and probably doing the wrong things.

And if you're a doctor and hold to that, READ A BOOK. you're passing bad information to your patients.

For some test procedure 120 is normal and for a diabetic it is on the low side of what I would want. We do not lie purposely or at least I never did. Your entire last two paragraphs are wrong.

WHOA who put the bee in your bonnet? 120 mg/dL is within the normal range, ie not likely to spill sugar into the urine. What is your point?

To make money. Go to a good docter u trust.They want money money money!!!!

Timothy C
Refering to your additional info.

You can completely control your diabetes using lantus and humalog.

You will never get a low or high using these and constant carb counting.

See my site below for details:

For some reason people think professionals are infallible. From personal experience I know there are some extremely stupid doctors and lawyers out there. You have to be your own best advocate. If you are unhappy with your doctor tell them. YOU are paying them not the other way around. If that doesn't do it, change doctors. All doctors are not created equal. Some graduated at the top of their class, some at the bottom, and some come from foreign countries where the requirements to be a physician might not be the same as they are in the United States.

because they dont think you can handle the truth

1st off, 120 may not be normal in a nondiabetic, but any diabetic would kill for sugars to be always 120. For diabetes, it is normal. Not to mention, after a meal a nondiabetic sugar will be in the 120-140 range.

Second, it is true: if you don't like your doc, go find a new one. Oh, and to practice in the USA, all doctors are required to have gone through a USA residency program. They are just as good as the other docs, if not better because they have more experience.

Physicians never "lie" to patients. they may not give every detail of every test and every possibility, but there are 3 reasons for that. 1)Time constraints. 2) Patients will not understand all of it. Don't believe me? Why do doctors consult other docs - because DOCTORS don't know it all. if the doc doesn't know it all, the patient never will. 3) docs know that the patients are not perfect in behavior and in physiology. when something is in the accepted range, it is considered "normal"

Quite frankly, if I could guarantee that my blodd sugar stayed at 120 all day everyday for the rest of my life, I would pay a million bucks for it.

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