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Why do diabetics generally have short tempers?

Drinda C
Yes I would say they are usually very short ~ Im not sure why ~ but from my experience ~ they are!

Grand pa
I am calm..

cause we have low blood sugar -- it makes you all pissy and horns start growing, you grow an extra row of sharp teeth, you eyes turn red, and another comes out of your forehead; then your skin turns green and you eat people who are named tiffany

High or low you tend to feel crappy and want to be left alone. It can to some extent be controlled with diet. Look up the norms on blood suggar readings. I take a bit of sugar if below norm and protien if above norm high.

Lots of people of all types have short tempers. I'm not sure where you came up with that.

I am a type 1 diabetic, and I notice I get very cranky when my blood sugar is above 300. My husband always says check your sugar when I snap at him and almost always it is elevated.

blood sugar levels will have an effect mentally because that is how quick a blood sugar can raise, or the opposite go too low.

back in the 30's and 40's folks who actually had diabetes ended up in mental institutions because of the uncertain mental manic type episodes they would have-this was before they knew the connection.

many folks who have diabetes also have blood pressure issues as well which will double the chance of an outburst.

Diabetics in general don't have bad tempers, per se.

This is what does happen...when a diabetic's sugar drops too low, it affects the person's mental status. Many diabetics in hypoglycemia can be totally, completely, utterly obnoxious. Low sugar affects people differently. Some people seem drunk. Others get mean. I am one of the ones who can get mean. One time...and I don't remember this at all...I had an insulin reaction where 911 needed to be called. As they were giving me glucose and I was coming out of it, I cussed out the paramedics...ripped them up one side and down the other...for no other reason except for being hypoglycemic.

If you are around a diabetic and they are acting strangely, get them to check their sugar. Chances are that they are running low.

Well lets see...

1. They get poked at least 2-3 times daily to check their BSL
2. Then they get poked when giving theirselves isulin
3. They can't have all those goodies they use to have.
4. They get really tired when their BSL is too high or too low.
5. They will live with the disease for the rest of their lives.

Does this answer your question????

That is a gross generlization. My father grand mother, wife are all diabetic and they are the calmest people i know. My father espcially it takes so much to get him upset. There is nothing about diabetics that make someone have a short temper that is their personality

No they don't. If you notice mood changes in a diabetic they may be having low blood sugar.

it may have something to do with their blood glucose levels, because it is documented that low levels of blood glucose are usually associated with irritability, so when a diabetic patient feels irritable, exhausted, or experiences syncope, people around should suspect that this patient's glucose levels are below range, may be because of insulin or anti-diabetic drug overdose

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