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Why do all children love sweets/Candy?
I want some biological explanations please...........

Because they are just good . They make you hyper and stuff like that.

David S
There are specific neuropeptide responses associated with the tate of sweet and fats in humans. Some of these peptide interactions are related to the same receptors that some narcotics interact with.

In other words, you are hard wired to enjoy sweet and fat.

i don't know much about the subject but i think it has something to do with endorphines in the brain. or something like that. what makes us like candy is the same as what makes us tolerant to really spicy food, we're just 'wired' for it, i guess.

Hello My Name is Mrs. Nick Jonas
they just do

Sugar, salt and fat are very necessary for our diet. However they are not readily available in the diet of a hunter gatherer. Sugar and salt are the 2 troublesome ones.

So when we get access to lots of sugar and salt we go crazy for it.

If you give little children acess to huge amounts of food, they will only eat what they need. Add sugar and salt to the food, they will eat until they are obese. This is why parents like to give children food with sugar and salt, not because they want their children to be fat, but because children will eat it with no fuss, whether they are hungry or not. (A lot of so called health snacks are pumped full of sugar and salt to get children to eat them).

To give you an idea of how important and desirable something like salt is to all animals, there is a group of African elephants that routinely go on a 2 hour walk inside picth black caves (we are talking no light, not a little light, but so dark that military night vision googles don't work) to scrape salt all the walls.

Sugar and salt are the 2 favourite additives of processed food manufacturers.

It tastes good.

Molten Orange
I don't have a biological one, but I have a psychological one. It's a matter of conditioned response. Most parents try to make sure their children eat healthy foods, and reward this with candy. For example, they get ice cream if they eat all their dinner. Well, when the parents make it into something special, children automatically associate sweets with the extra attention that they receive for having done the good deed that goes along with being rewarded. They crave, and love, candy because it represents what they normally aren't allowed to have. Plus, it is also associated with special events, which is a cultural thing...for example, Halloween, birthdays, Christmas stockings, etc., all involve candy, so therefore, children are seeking to recreate the special occasion by imbibing in candy and sweets. If a parent were to reward their children with fruit, these particular children would go crazy over the fruit, whereas the others are crazy over the sugar.

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