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 I don't understand why this is ??
I took my blood sugar last before going to bed and it was 87 then this morning I took it upon waking--nothing to eat or drink yet and it was 170. Why is it such a big difference from 9:30 last night ...

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I'm 14 and after reading a lot of stuff on the internet, i am worried that i might have diabetes. I'm 5'4" and 105 pounds.
-I've been eating like crazy and am always ...

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body.if she done it will she is in ...

 How can you tell if your blood sugar is low? any help ?please?
for a while now i have been getting dizzy at times but not all the time
my head hurts
i feel tired and like i wanna pass out but i dont
monday it got so bad that i started to cry and ...

 Whats the symptoms for diabetes?
im constantly thirsty.when i skip a meal i feal dizzy and sick.if i have to much sugar my ears ring.and im allways shaky and cant consentrate when i eat to much.Not to mention my dad and all my ...

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 How do i get over bein depressed brought on by diabetes?

 I have a sinus infection but i don't have diabetes could the infection be causing my blood suagr to be high?

 How long can you suffer from hypoglycemia before turning into diabetes?

Additional Details
I had hypoglycemia when I was pregnant,non diabetic,1 year ago.I started having frequrent urination for awhile now,And my father is type 2 diabetic,So can frequrent ...

James E
Why are my sugar level going up at night, they didn't use to?
I have been a type 1 diabetic for 5 years and my sugars have generally been fine. About a month or so ago a started having problems with my sugar level going up at night for no apparent reason. At first it was only going up 2 or 3 but now I am going up nearly 10. My sugar will be perfect at bed time, but terrible in the mourning.

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You may need an additional dose of meds o a higher script. Also be careful to eat your last meal of the day well before bed time and try to eat light.

u might need to get up some time in the middle of the night and get you a snack or try not to have the snake before you go to bed i know they say get a snack before bed time(i seen on the new not to long ago about a Curious for it .. That would be grate if they did find 1 coz my mom is a Diabetic and it is almost killing her its got to her heart.. so if that is true thank god for the people that have found it look it up on yahoo news i seen it there i had to look it up myself to believe it )

In the pre-dawn time frame the body pumps a number of hormones into our bloodstream. These hormones cause the sugars to rise as a result in the body assisting them to work by providing the extra energy that they need in the way of "sugars". You may have this continue until you get sufficient insulin or meds to make your pancreas supply it. KEEP CHECKING the sugar in the morning until it levels off. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Doris D
Are you eating something with a lot of carbs before you go to bed? I've been having the same problem too.

Are you eating before before going to bed? That could cause it. If not some diabetics experience something called "dawn phenomenon" where overnight your body release hormones into your blood stream causing blood sugars to go up.

it could be because ur eating very late or more sugary foods and u arent taking enough insulin for it to be broken down. consult a doctor

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