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Mr. Peachy®
Who still believes that drinking alcohol raises a diabetic's blood glucose?
After reading these statements taken from reputable websites:

“While moderate amount of alcohol can cause blood sugar to rise, excess alcohol can actually decrease your blood sugar level -- sometimes causing it to drop into dangerous levels.”

“Small Amounts of Alcohol Slightly Increases Risk of Low Blood Sugar in Certain Diabetics.”


“Hypoglycemia Causes:

Common causes of low blood sugar include the following:

Overmedication with insulin or antidiabetic pills

Use of alcohol”


And, finally, the American Diabetes Association says:

“This is why drinking as little as 2 ounces of alcohol (about 2 drinks) on an empty stomach can lead to very low blood sugar.”

Additional Details
A heterogeneous bunch of answers, so far. I'm not totally convinced of this myself, but the explanation given by the American Diabetes Association makes more sense than the positions taken by those of you who don't have any reinforcement other than hearsay evidence. Come on, you guys... cough up some science.

Alex F
Although I normally agree/side with you...I think this one is bull.

Drinking alcohol does lots of stuff to mess up your body, including raising the blood sugar. Of this I'm certain.

However, every now and then some random study comes along to say a generally bad food can be good for your health in one specific situation (ie chocolate), and as a result it helps the wounded ego of whoever engages in the bad habit, and they just cite the study to justify what they do.
I personally feel alcohol lowering blood sugar falls into this model as well, given my past understanding of what it does to your system.

Correct me if I have anything blatantly wrong :P

joe c
i always wondered why i wasn't diabetic.

in my experience, alcohol temporarily increases blood glucoses levels then causes them do drop. don't know the cause or if this is the case for other diabetics. btw i drink buckfast which is full of sugar

The liver filters out the "poisons" dumped in the system. It considers alcoholic beverages as "extreme poison" so much that it turns totally to getting rid of this poison from the bod. This takes away all its other functions. The dedication to getting rid of the alcohol prevents the liver from dumping even a bit of stored glucose into the blood. This in effect drops glucose levels.

jeevarathinam d
great mr peachy good work. more proof is required. otherwise it will create a lot of confusion in Indi we genrally beleive that consumptionm of alcohol definitely raises the blood sugar be it is little or moderate. in thse same column i rad every 7 gms carbohydrate increases one pint in the reading! how can any one believe that pure ghee is dripping out of coconut tree! regards. i think we must think before ink. after health and life is involved. let us refer it to experts. there is something is missing.

Im hypoglycimc when I drink my glucouse level drops to about 50 and Im a wreck (unfortunetly Im a chronic alcoholic) My husband is on insulin and if he drinks his goes down instead of up also WEIRD HUH!?

Reces Peces
It spikes you high then it drops you low.

derebail the indian guide
well drinking excess alcohol is bad, now if at all you want to drink dilute 90% with water and drink. This will not only dilute sugar but also give u a feeling that u had ur fill of quota, and immediately have food. Even better have alcohol after food.

That is very interesting. I always thought drinking raised the sugar levels.
I am a diabetic. Thanks for the info.

Not me. Now if you drink that alcohol in super sugary margaritas, your blood sugar will probably spike.

Here goes. Alcohol contains carbs. Carbs raise sugar. Thus an increase. However, alcohol impairs liver function. One function of the liver is to respond to glucagon to make sugar from glycogen. If the liver is busy detoxing alcohol (and for purposes of sugar lowering, it doesn't need to be much alcohol), then the liver can't make the sugar it needs to. This is why if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, you'll most likely experience a low sugar, and thus the recomendation that if you drink any alcohol, don't do so on an empty stomach.

Good question Mr. Peachy

For the person saying that margaritas raise your sugar, we are talking about alcohol, not mixers.

When a person dies of alcohol poisoning, it is due to a LOW sugar.

Hoosier Mom
I don't believe it raises blood sugar. Not only does it not raise the blood sugar levels for my husby or me (both Type II), but my husby the biologist states, "One, alcohol is NOT a sugar (yes it contains carbs, but check the label - very little) and two, alcohol enhances insulin activity."

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