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 I've been diagnosed 'pre-diabetic' AND I have a cholesterol problem. What can I eat LOTS of?
Cholesterol is blocking the major arteries in my upper legs, so I'm looking at meals for pre-diabetics (low sugar) that are also very low in cholesterol. Thanks in advance....

 Bloodsugar 419?
I'm a diabetic, But, i've never been this high before, how much insulin do I take to bring it down to normal.
Additional Details
for those of you who are saying you are shocked,...

 I took one of those blood sugar test my reading came out to 575 I know its bad but i need to know how bad?

 If u are diabetic and eat sweets and not take your medicine, can you break out in boil like sores?

 My two year old cousin has diabetes, what could be the cause of that?
His blood sugar level shot up to 600+ last week....

 Are there three types of diabetes?
a friend told me there were, but I've only heard of 2...

 Is numbness in hands, and fingertips, and feet symtoms of diabetes are bad heart are maybe both????
my sister been havin numbness in hands, feet, sometime, she have never had any heart problems so now she focusin on diabetes could it be that are maybe both?? plz reply thanks!!.....

 Why more than 85% of people suffering from diabetes?

 Can you outgrow diabetes?
i have it but im only thirteen can i outgrow this in a few years or so? or will i have it for life?...

 What is the cause of the increasing prevalence of diabetes?

 Does anyone else hate this?
I hate that I have to carry around a candy bar in my purse at all times (incase my blood sugar crashes), and not eat it. ARGH. I tried buying candy bars I don't like and discovered there's ...

 Whats diabetes?

 Is insulin bad for you?
People with diabetes who take insulin, is it bad for them? or is the
insulin just needed to manage blood sugar? And the blood sugar (if not managed well) is the real problem....

 Thjis is a serious question. Does someone know the answer?
My grandmother has diabetes. Her foot became infected. She had to have her little toe removed. Now it is 6 weeks later and the wound has not completely healed. It still drains(although not nearly as ...

 What is the life expectancy?
What is the life expectancy for people who have diabetes (type 1). Assuming they take care of themselves and they are healthy. I have heard many different things....

 What is the easiest and best diabetes monitoring kit?
My friend has type 2 diabetes and only tests himself when he feels bad. He goes to his parents house and borrows his mom's kit. I want to buy him one that he can carry with him and is easy to ...

 My blood sugar was 120, the doc said cut sugars, carbs and exercise. Do you have any other tips?
did you go to an diabetic educator, are they good, what is the cost?

Thank ...

 What should be the proper diet for a diabetic patient?
i m 49 and suffering from diabetes. what precautions should i take?...

 Why do diabetics have things amputated?
I am not a diabetic and thank God I am not but I am so confused on this because I thought diabetes was kind of like a blood disorder or something like that, doing research I found that over 5 great ...

 Diabetic question?
Can you take sweetners in your coffee if you are a borerline diabetic? By sweetners i mean the ones from Tesco .(tesco own make)....

Which medications can cause your blood sugar to rise?
blood sugar rising and have not eaten anything to cause such a jump. am takeing new meds.

any hormone can affect your blood sugar because insulin is a hormone

Steroids can cause them to go up. Higher blood sugars are associated with antibiotic use, but this is usually due to the infection and not the meds.

ms betty
steroids. ie..prednisone, solumedrol, cortisol ect...

Please look at this information.


sugar & carbohydrates ( jucy juice is a really good fast way to bring you up )

Anti-psychotics are notiorious for this, especially the phenothiazine class. Zyprexa has been shown to be especially effective in causing hyperglycemia.

One that I know of for sure is Seroquel an anti-depressant. It really raised mine a lot to the point I am pre-diabetic.

Avoid self medication & seek doctors help.

Steroids will raise your blood sugar like crazy, especially prednisone. All steroids raise blood sugar, since they increase insulin resistance, but glucocortoids like prednisone not only raise insulin resistance, but also cause your body to break down more stored sugar, creating a huge spike in blood sugar.


Cough medicine and cough drops always make my blood sugar sky rocket.

I'm not too sure about perscription pills, though.

When people get sick or have an infection that can cause weird flucuations in glucose levels.

There are lots of medicines out there that can cause your blood sugars to rise. What medicines are you taking?

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about what you are taking and find out if it could have an effect on your blood glucose levels.

Good luck and best wishes...

I am currently trying to work with my body to prevent having to take insulin. I have brought my sugar has come down by walking. What I found surprising was that starches turn to sugar. If you are just reducing sweets, I found out, think again. If you have rice, have brown rice, whole wheat instead of white flour and I have just laid off the potatoes for now. It seems hard at first, but, one you find out where those sneaky buggers hide, it helps a lot. Booze turns to sugar too, especially beer. Watching the diet and walking really help. The walking especially works because it is a way of burning up excess sugar. Good Luck, I have reduced my sugar from 8 down to 6.2 in three months. Go to your pharmacist and see if he will go over your husband's medications and advise you if any could cause a higher sugar reading. Ask him to put this information in to the computer to avoid any meds that aggravate his situation.

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