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Which are the fruits a Diabetic can eat safely?
I prefer to skip Dinner and have fruits
Which are the fruits I can have safely

Ronaldi J
apple, orange, banana

Bobby J
eat a banana,bananas don't cause blood sugar levels to spike.

Every fruit will have fructose, a carbohydrate. So you'd have to inject the amount of insulin you'd need for the amount of carbs. Look them up on nutritiondata.com. But watch out, these fructose sugar will work faster then say a meal with more complex carbs and fats. You'll peek early and blood glucose drops faster when insulin kicks in. So my advice. Save some orange juice for when you drop too fast.

This is from the perspective on a non-insulin-dependent Type 2. It doesn't apply to those on insulin.

Different fruits will affect a given person differently. And any given fruit will affect different people differently. The only way for you to know how a specific type of fruit affects YOU is to eat some and to test after eating it. (And by "test", I don't mean check once two hours later... I mean check every 15 minutes so that you can see the resulting spike: how quickly it starts, how high it goes, how long it lasts, and how long it takes to get back to normal.)

For me, personally, I have found that "safe" fruits include cherries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, canteloupe, and very tart apples (preferably apples picked about a week before they are ripe).

Fruits that are on my "don't eat" list include bananas, oranges, peaches, pineapples, grapes, and the sweeter varieties of apples. These are the fruits that I have found to cause an unacceptably high spike if I eat a "satisfying" amount of them. I mean, I could eat 4 grapes or one bite of a banana and still stay under my target BG levels, but to me that's pointless -- I'd rather leave them off the list of edible things altogether. The fruits on my "safe" list are ones that I can eat what feels like a "normal" amount to me without going too high.

Everyone is different. I know another T2 who can eat oranges with no problem, but can't handle an apple -- just the opposite of me.

In general, a lot of T2's do have good luck with berries -- but not everyone. The only way to know is to try them and test, test, test.

denise m
chose the ones who has the more fiber and less sugar, but remmenber apples are not a good choice...
check this link it will help you a lot:

It's very important to find a reputable source for carbohydrate information. I use calorieking.com. That will help you resolve conflicting claims, such as some of the answers above. One of them says that watermelon and grapes are bad for diabetics; another is just as sincere (and correct!) in claiming that watermelon is good. Bananas are also a popular choice as a "good" fruit.

In fact, if you check calorieking, you will find that a cup of grapes contains 27.3g of carbohydrate and a cup of sliced bananas contains 34.3g. In contrast, a cup of watermelon balls contains only 11.6g of carbs.

So the watermelon is the hands down winner as far as being a good fruit for diabetics. You can eat twice as much compared with grapes or bananas and still get fewer carbs.

Various berries are also good choices. A cup of strawberries contains only 11.1g of carbohydrates, so it is similar to watermelon.

All fruits are good but they also have natural sugar in them so you'll have to inject insulin.

Now if it's just a snack and you don't want a shot, I've found watermelon is good and doesn't raise my BS too much.

Well, as with all food - its about how much you eat of it... i do know watermelon and grapes have the most sugar in them. I like to go to CalorieCount.com and but in what I am eating and it will tell me how many carbs are in things - it helps when it comes to fresh produce because you don't get a label.

Unfortunately, there really are no fruits that a diabetic can eat safely, however I eat fruits, just in very small portions. Never skip a meal. If you can, eat small meals 6 times a day to even stuff out. 30 carbs for a meal, then 15 carbs for a snack, then 30 then 15 then 30, 15. That will keep your blood glucose levels even.

I would not skip any meals as the best way to maintain your blood sugar is to balance each meal and snack.

As for which fruits, it is very subjective as each person reacts differently and if you test 1-2 hrs after eating it will tell you how safe the meal was. My sugar spikes when I eat only fruit as there is no protein to balance it out. That being said, apples and pears have been good for my numbers if I have 1/2 to 1 whole one at a meal. Bananas raise my sugar more than apples and pears but that is me but bananas are high in sugar.

A nutritionist is better suited to answer this in more detail but my answer is from experience as a diabetic.

Bananas, oranges and peach/nectarine are the WORST. Berries and watermelon are the best. Grapefruit and mangos can cause a spike but it's a trade off since they are VERY heart protective for diabetics. All of this depends on your numbers anyway.

Do you crave sugar? Why not eat all dark green veggies at dinner instead? So good for you.

I eat kale, spinach, steamed celery.

You are getting some people who don't know nutritional values.
Bananas happen to be the fruit that contains the most fructose! (fruit sugar)
Good fruits would be low glycemic. But you don't have to and should not skip any meal as a diabetic. I have taken care of many diabetics as a nurse.
Grill your boneless/skinless chicken breasts. Put the chicken in a heavy plastic bag (freezer bag) so you can beat it till it spreads about in the bag, then add balsamic vinegar, or tariyaki sauce, just enough to give it flavor. If you don't grill. Take a nonstick pan and fry lightly using olive oil only!
Fry for 4 mins. on each side,on med high heat, remove chicken from pan to plate and cover with lid for 5 mins. let it rest, this returns the juices to the meat. Trust me, it works. You will never go to a restaurant again without saying, "I can cook it better than this". Place this on a bed of mixed greens, surround with grapes, apples, strawberries, mandarin oranges, walnuts, this is so good!
Don't forget nuts are important too.
But the fruits you would want to eat are:bran, sweet potatoes, peas, beans, nuts,plums, apricots,peaches, mangos, oranges, grapes.
Go to Google for more. type in Low Glycemic foods.

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