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Where else can you check for blood sugar besides the hand?

Becky W
i use my toes but you have to be careful not to get your toes infected.

the most accurate place is the fingertips
however you can use the earlobe
other places include the whole finger,toes,forearm,stomach
places like arm and back of hand have harder skin so is harder to get blood and will hurt more.
the best way is just to stick to the fingertips and remember to keep rotating each finger unlike me!!!

It depends on your glucose meter, today most of them give you options, so you can take blood from your arms and legs as well as your fingers. Check out the site below it will show you exactly where you can take blood besides your finger if your meter allows.

I hope this helps

There is a blood sugar monitor that allows you to take a blood sample from your arm. Mostly, we do it on the fingertips. You can do it on your toes but that will not be advisable if you are a diabetic.

I often check my forearm. I don't feel it at all there and I use the FreeStyle flash meter so the blood requirement is very small. I have heard of others testing on cerain parts of the leg. I usually start out with the arm and if I get a very high/low number, I double check on the fingers.

The Answer Guy
Your Toes.

you can check it on your earlobe.

I'm so sweet I need insulin
you can check your sugar from your arm if your lancet device permits it...I tried the tip of my nose once when I was bored...It didn't exactley work... I advise you not to do that...

Alternate testing sites are not as accurate as fingers. The directions in the meters say that if blood sugar is very high or low, you must verify with a fingerstick.

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