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When should a diabetic go to the emergency room?
When should a diabetic go to the hospital, when their glucose level is over 300, 400, 500, or higher?

You can take extra insulin.

If you are Type 2, yes, you should go to the emergency room. You probably need to be put on insulin as well as the pills you are taking.

all of them! wel it depends

*not intended to diagnose or treat*

-first of all a high blood sugar is way easier to bring down than bringing up a low blood sugar.

you need to talk to your doctor and have him set a limit on your fingerstick results, such as 'if over 450 go to emergency room'
If you are on sliding scale insulin- have you taken the scaled dosage and rechecked the fingerstick results?

If it was a family member of mine, if it went over 400 i probably would go to a emergency room.

it depends on your size,but for just about anyone would be dead at five hundred. I would say at 250 call your doctor. Less if you are tiny.

over 300 can throw a diabetic into DKA

If their glucose level is over 300, that's pretty hospital-worthy.

Anything over 300 is too high. A diabetic has ways of not going into shock. If they go into shock, take them to the hospital.

Anything over 200 is too high

My blood sugars for some reason will sometimes jump into the 600 range even if I am really good with my diet. When it does I have to monitor it every hour and bolus a small amount of insulin (about 2-6 units) every hour IF I can't bring it down with in 3-4 hours then I call my doctor at his office, back office or at home. and he will tell me what to do next. IF it stays high say overnight and the next day I can't think to do what I need to do then I need to go to the hospital.
BUT now I have another problem because my community hospital will not even see me because I am on dialysis so I have to call 911 for a ride to the next town about 45 miles away and that's IF I can think clearly enough to do that, other wise I slip into a coma. And I hate that! its the most painful thing I have ever done, is to come out of a 3 day coma
FYI: most monitors will not show over 600 it will only show "HI"
Keep your sugars low while you can.

depends what their glucose level was when they saw their doctor and the doctor prescribed some sort of treatment.
anything that is abnormal for the patient

Barbara A
If you've got a blood sugar that is very high (>500-700+, +++), if you have repeated ketones in your urine, if you are shaking and cannot get in under control with diet and insulin, if you've had too much insulin, if you have skipped insulin, if you are ready to pass out!!
Blood glucoses can be VERY high...esp if you are unable to take insulin...like when you're really sick.
Good managemnt is essential and a 24 hour Nurse to follow you is essential too.

If your blood sugar is over 300 you're getting into serious trouble. If you are a diabetic, then you should know this already. I was a diabetic for 27 years (my kidneys failed and I had a kidney/pancreas transplant 10 years ago) and I know the long term affects of an out of control blood sugar. Don't they have you on a short term acting insulin that you can take to bring your blood sugar down? That would be what I would try first and if you're still having problems, get to the emergency room. You don't need to go into a coma!

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