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When a hospital does blood work what do they check for?

i,m here if you need to talk.
health problems and s,t.d.s

antibodies for diseases... then they can tell what disease you have.. check if your pregnant.. thats all i know

Sometimes it depends but most of the time I think its your WBC (white blood count) or your RBC (red blood count)

Depends a lot. they may or may not check for STD's. Some have a policy of doing that, most don't unless that is what they suspect. They typically do liver panels, blood counts, level of minerals in your blood, blood sugar, things like that. Blood tests can be very extensive, especially if they do a hormone panel or something on that order.

it depends on what tests were ordered.

Well since this question is posted under Diabetes. If you are getting labs for Diabetes you would get a HgbA1c, CMP, and FLP.

HgbA1c - gives your doctor an idea how well your blood sugar has been over the last 3 months
CMP - Tests for different things, mainly used to check the kidneys though.
FLP - Used to check your cholesterol

Rainierbay S
look here to know more about, what things happens with blood testing and blood banking


Violet Pearl
It depends on why you're in the hospital but routine blood work includes a WBC (white blood count) to determine infection (bacterial or viral) and a hemoglobin. Based on the results, further testing may be done.

Bud's Girl
It depends what your doctor ordered.

Depends on what you're getting the blood work done for.

Full blood count...counts of red cells, white cells, platelets
U&Es (Urea and Electrolytes) Tests levels of salts in the blood
LFT (Liver Function Test) Checks the liver enzymes
GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) checks for kidney damage
Fasting Blood Glucose
HBA1C or long term blood glucose
Thyroid Function...check thryroid hormone levels
ESR (Erythocyte Sedimentation Rate) Checks for infection/inflammation

Can also test for lots of disease and antibodies. The doctor only orders what he thinks is approproate to your condition

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