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 Does kid have diabetes???
OK here's the deal; I have an 8 yr old son, whose blood sugars go up spontaneously, sometimes over 200.
*He drinks a lot.
*Has what he calls weird stomach aches where he is nauseas w/...

my best friend has diabetes she is the best and acts just like every one eles but some times she starts to shake and i no y cuz of her blood sugar but i kinda wanna no how she got it but i dont rele ...

 Do you want to be cured of Diabetes,Cholestrol osteoporosis is my question .?
I can give the right food suppliment and CURE YOU.ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM ( you should be in INDIA)...

 What can Diet Pepsi/Coke do to a Diabetic, if anything?
A freind of mine is diabetic,..specifically my Dad,...drinks diet Pepsi all the time. Drink around 2 large bottles a day. He is Debetic.

What can Diet Pepsi/Coke do to a Diabetic, if ...

 What are the uses of honey?
Can a diabetic patient have honey?...

 Can someone with sugar diabetes go out of control when their sugar gets low?
Can Someone go nuts like breaking things and being mean?Can they not remember where they have been or where they are at?...

 Is the special k diet good for your kidneys?
Over the past year i have had issues with my kidneys, i have one that only works 20% and have been suffering from re-occuring infections. I have not had any infections for the past 3 months but since ...

 He peed on me and now doesnt want to sleep over...?
my boyfriend (type 1) accidentally peed in his sleep because he forgot to take his shot and now is paranoid when i sleep over. He finds it almost impossible to sleep.
When it happened i jumped ...

 What's the best way to overcome diabetes type 2?
i am currently trying diet and exercise, but sometimes I have to exercise too much, for comfort and then i still end up not exercising after the biggest meal of the day....

 Could my daughter have diabetes ?
she is almost 8 and her BMI is 20.7 that put her above the 95%line

where can i find out more about this?

she is 47in and 65...

 Do I have Diabetes?
I was doing a report on diabetes and noticed I have a few of the symptoms.

- I'm tired a lot. It varies though. Sometimes I take a nap after school ( 2-4 times a month)
- I ...

 Does the body naturally replace its sugar?
If you have low sugar levels, does the body naturally replenish its sugar levels after time without you doing anything to help it?...

 Aside from exercise, what should we do to lower our blood sugar?

 Step mom is an rn and is always bossing me around about my diabeties?
i love my step mom. i know she is only trying to help me. but she is always telling me what to do and gets mad if i dont follow her advice instead of my doctor. for example. i start second shift ...

 What does it feel like to have low blood sugar?

 Is a blood sugar of 800 considered fatal or near-fatal?
I'm asking this because a friend of mine had a blood sugar of over 800 and, according to her mom, is going to be in the hospital for a while. I didn't even know my friend was diabetic. S...

 Can a diabetic person live purely on green salads and cooked green vegtables avoiding RICE totally?
For a diabetic person with rice as staple food, will living on vegetable salads, cooked green vegetable etc, be of any help in keeping sugar under control? Will such a type of food lead to any other ...

 What is type 1 diabeeties?
what is type 1 diabeeties... someone said they thought i should see the doctor because they tought i might have it.
if i did have it what would i have to do each day?...

 What fruits must be taken by a diabetes patient does all fruits aare recommended?
my mother is 50 year old suffering with ...

 Question about diabetes?
How do you get and know if you have diabetes. And how long would it take get diabetes? Could it take only a year?...

What would make a blood sugar level go up to over 1200?

with blood sugar like that I'm surprised you are still conscious to ask this question.

♥ terry g ♥
Uncontrolled (or undiagnosed) diabetes, poor diet and lack of medication. My friend's brother was around 1200 when he was diagnosed. He nearly died.

i guess back in the late 50's my mom was diagnosed at 11 with Juvenile Diabetes and her blood sugar was 1200...
I dont really answer your question, sorry just sharing info.

Maybe that could happen if a diabetic ate a lot of candy/sugar.

Taking in so much sugar your body can't deal with. If that is not the case, see your doctor as soon as possible to avoid going into a coma.

your sugar intake, sodas, sweets ect. Not taking your meds if you are on them. Get it checked out quick

no diet control, not taking medications and no exercise... basically a couch potato.
On occasion you will see such high sugar levels in newly diagnosed diabetics, mostly type one diabetics who do not make any of their own insulin.

always b natural
Get medical help now, your life is in serious danger. Your insulin is not working

The reason for a high blood sugar is diabetes.

I Hope you get well soon.

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