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What type of doctor can help with poor circulation in legs?
I have two problems: (1) a reaction to the blood pressure medicine Diovan and (2)After taking a airline flight I am having problems with the circulation in one of my legs.

Problem 1- After taking blood pressure medicine called Diovan, it has caused me to itch, break out in a rash and my joints ache. I was taking Altace and it causes me to cough therefore, my doctor recently gave me Diovan. I also had a chemical reaction to the blood pressure medicine called Norvas whereby, I broke out in a rash, blood spots and joint pain and I had to stop taking Norvas. My doctor is on vacation and the physician's assistant does not believe me when I told them I can't take this blood pressure medicine. What causes this?

Problem #2: After an airline flight I experienced numbness in one leg. The numbness has lasted more than 2 weeks. It has caused numbness in my thigh, calf, and knee area. My leg is also in pain when I try to use it. I can barely bend my knee.

You need a vascular surgeon. First go to you primary doc and tell him about the numbness and BP meds, and he will give you a recommendation to a vascular doc.

You need to see somebody TODAY because there is a possibility of a blood clot in your leg.

Call you physician's office and tell them about your leg. If they cannot see you, got to the emergency room/department.

Doctors who treat circulation problems are vascular surgeons.

Seek advice from your GP. Your GP can shedule you for a venus doplar. This procedure is a ultra sound of your leg or legs if you will. There are also a blood test called a di-dimers test that can detect some forms of blood clots. What ever you chose to do realize that blood clots are an extremely dangerous medical condition. Please seek medical help if you are truly experiencing these symptoms you are describing.
A vascular surgeon repairs veins.

modest m
A vascular surgeon would take care of circulation problems. Sounds like you need another primary care doctor if your doctor doesn't believe that you are having a bad reaction to your antihypertensive, I would think. Good luck you you.

I think you should call the doctor and ask about your problem.

You would need to see a vascular doctor or a cardiologist. You are at risk for DVT or a PE. I strongly advise you to seek medical attention immediately.

Please don't wait. Go to an ER.


If you are unable to see your doctor is there another one on call? If not go to the ER. You are now at risk for blood clots due to the being on the air plane.

See a cardiologist or even an ER for leg pain like that after sitting for a long time. It can be very dangerous. Don't wait a long time for an apointment.

As far as hypertension. I will give you the advice my dr gave me. Take the older tried and true meds. They have been on the market long-term and we KNOW they are safe. We know they work. Don't play with the new stuff. Let the drug companies make their millions off of another guinea pig, not you. I still take plain Lasix and Inderal. OLLLLLDDDDDDD drugs, but effective. Whenever some new "specialist" wants to switch me to the "newer more effective" crap, I just refuse. I remember what my old GP said. It is true. And if it's not broke, don't fix it.

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