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What kind of doctor does my husband need to see for a physical and blood work checkup?
My husband's father died of complications of diabetes when he was 53 about ten years ago and here recently his uncle (who already had both legs aputated) just got scheduled to have both hands aputated. So now my stubborn husband is finally going to go to the doctor, but in order to make an appointment online I need to know who he needs to see. It is easier to do it online instead of the automated system so i need help. We have good insurance and all I just can't figure out what kind of doctor he needs. thanks

its a dibetic specialist and i can't think of the proper name if you recall this name on the computer it will probably come up with it and tell you.

Alex E
he should see a general practitioner, no specialist needed for a physical, if the doctor needs to send him to a specialist you will usually need a referral from a GP.

He should go to his regular doctor for a check up and blood work. If his doctor determines that he needs to see a specialist then the doctor will recommend one to see or depending on insurance what type to see.

Good Luck

a general practitioner is probably who he should go to

go first with the GP or FP your insurance likes and that you get along with. Most insurance cos require a GP or FP then an Endo or Internist. I was told I could choose my doctors and didn't need referals, but then they backed out and said I had to have a family doctor first or I couldn't see the Endo any more!!

When you take your hubby in, be sure to get copies of all blood work ups!! this is important so you can track improvements or unimprovements.

After he sees the family doctor if that person doesn't refer to endo, then go look on the insurance co's dr finder and find one yourself. It usually takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to get an appointment with the Endos. So be sure when there to make another appointment.

the above depends on the A1c reading and some other junk, but if you suspect your hubby is diabetic, he probably is.

Go buy him a couple of good books: Atkins Diabetes Revolution and South Beach diet book. Another good book is Diabetes, the First Year.

Be very glad you and your hubby are living in the 21st century!! 20 years ago testing was iffy, meds were very limited, and good control was totally impossible!! That is why his dad died and his uncle is loosing his hands!!!

You should just take him to his physician, or he doesnt have one, take him to yours or get recomendations from people. When you take him to the doctor, let the doctor know your concern and he can write an order for him to get the blood work at the hospital. I'll pray for him and the family.

Internal medicine or family practice to begin with. If there are any special problems then they will usually refer them out to specialists.

he just needs to see a regular doctor. nothing special and when he goes for he physical he needs to tell them about his father and uncle .

A regular GP will do for his blood work and first checkup. If his tests show he is diabetic. The GP Should make the required referrals to get him on track and begin managing it.

I would think any general physician. A M.D. Most are specialist in certain areas. The one next door to my work does Urology and Paediatrics as well. I would look for something like that, if there any concern the doctor can direct you the rest of the way.

Zoe E
i think a general GP for a physical would do, but sometimes nurses do blood test, i have loads of blood test and it has always been nurses

A general practitioner or an internist. If he shows diabetes in his blood work, he will be referred to an endocrinologist.

I used to want to be a doctor. But I knew I couldn't handle an internship. I have a sleep disorder and can't sleep when I HAVE to sleep.

Anyhow, the GP or internist is the best route for now.

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