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What is the lowest your blood sugar can go before you go into a diabetic coma?

It really depends on the person but roughly around 20-30.

Senator D*L*P™
That depends on the individual. My lowest blood sugar that I have recognized was 16 mg/dL. I am eating right now because I am 71, and I can feel the symptoms. I found that I have to take Lantus in teh morning and not at night, because it would send me really low at night, where I had the 16. But otherwise, it depends on gender, athletic ability (exercise), and body type. If you personally are diabetic, talk to your doctor and get thresholds for hypo- and hyperglycemia

I drove home and pass up the road I live on and I stopped and checked my blood sugar and it was 16. I was conscious but I could not think.

For me it is about 20, have been ther many times.

Usually under 50 are above 600 can throw a person unconscience. It really depends on the person. My Father in law for instance had his blood sugar as high as 650 and he didn't go into a coma and my Mother on the other hand had hers at 48 and went into a Coma. It really depends. Those numbers are just a norm.

You should keep a careful watch if the blood sugar lows below 70.

lowest mine has ever been was 24. but like other people have said, its different for every person.

It depends on the person. One person might still be conscious with a sugar of 20. Another person may be unconscious with a sugar of 60.

The lowest I have ever been and still been conscious was 28. My lowest sugar ever (that I know of) was 18. I was unconscious at that point.

I had a patient once (an adult) that was out cold with a sugar of 45. I also once had a patient (a child) that was fully conscious, alert and oriented and had a sugar of 1200. That is the honest truth...I had to transport this child to a pediatric hospital and I had seen the lab reports from the referring hospital. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. OMG.

We are all different with different levels of tolerance. I start feeling symptoms when my sugar drops below 65 or so. I wear a pump so I have to be very vigilant with my sugar. It can drop without warning. I test 8 times a day minimum.

Just a quick note here...diabetic coma (aka DKA) is when a person is suffering from hyperglycemia (HIGH sugar). Insulin shock (or insulin reaction) is when a person is suffering from hypoglycemia (LOW sugar).

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