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a cat bite my mom on saturday and yesterday she was with a lot of fever but the problem is that she dont have any kind of insurance, and she has diabetes.
thank u for ur answers....

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 Diabetes or not?
Im almost 15 years old, and around a couple of months ago i started getting suspicions that i have diabetes. i looked up the symptoms, and i had every single one of them! im extremely thirsty/hungry ...

 Will I probably get diabetes?
My grandpa has diabetes and my dad probably does. Due to genes, am I likely going to get diabetes, too? If so, what age do most people get diagnosed with them?...

 Do you about something that helps in curing or dealing with arthritis? Mom is suffering from it.?
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Additional Details
Thanks for every body for ...

 Will not eating regularly before an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test affect your results?

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 What are the most dangerous effects of low blood sugar?
I know the basic things that can happen, headaches, dizziness, irritability, depression, confusion, passing out, siezures... but what, if any, are the long-term risks of low blood sugar? I always ...

 Can Metformin cause problem with vision? Is it permanent?
I was just diagnosed with TypeII Diabetes. I test my blood sugar 4 times a day and most of the time it falls into range (<100 in the morning, <140 2 hr. after meal, <110 before bedtime). The ...

Pooja K
What is difference between -healthy and disease free?

Life Is Like Hell!!!!!!
Health is the state of complete physical,mental and social wellbeing,not merely the the absence of disease.This was the statement given by WHO! Disease is any change from normal state that causes discomfort or disability or impairs the health!

Spectra Svid
healthy also includes disease free. but disease free need not mean healthy.

Win S
I agree with uppaluri.


Health means mental, physical and social soundness.
But disease free is just 'disease free'

uppaluri k
A healthy person is disease free but a disease free person may not be healthy.

In the context of social interaction "disease free" usually means someone doesn't have any STD's.

But a disease-free person does not mean a person is "healthy". Like being fat, or someone who smokes, or drinks above acceptable levels, etc, which are all unhealthy behavior.

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