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 Low blood sugar question?
is it ok to have low blood sugar (62) if i dont have any symptoms of hypoglycemia or diabetes and i feel fine? my mom's a diabetes doctor and she said it was fine
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 Is it really true that Nick Jonas has diabetes?
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What is cellulose? Is it sugar? I can't have sugar.?
Is it a Carbohydrates? Serious reply one please. I really want to know. Thank you!

Cellulose is the fat under the skin. It forms like little lumps. If you are concerned about them just use a roller, like a rolling pin and work it up and down on the site. Also there is ointment out there at the drug stores that help with the problem. I know that cellulose ends in 'lose', but it is not something that you consume. But when shopping, do look for the ingredients to see if there is any dextrose or lactose in the food. Most Lise's are a sugar by-product. You can have some just not much. All your fruit has fruits, it is part of the genetics. We as diabetics need fruit and its equivalent, like veggies. Just follow a clear and easy diet and all will go well.

It is Sugar if you are diabetic avoid it unless your blood sugar is low.

Cellulose is a sugar.
All sugars are carbohydrates.

However, cellulose is not converted to glucose in your body. In other words, you can eat as much of it as you want. Only diabetic deer and bunnies need to worry about eating cellulose because they have bacteria liviing in their gut that greak cellulose down. We don't have this bacteria.

Edit: Whoops, just like the person above me said. Sorry.

Mafia Agent 4207
It's fibre...

The Doc
Well, cellulose is a polysaccharide, so technically it is a carbohydrate, but humans cannot digest it, so it doesn't really count as one for purposes of diet. What it does count as is fiber. Celulose makes up the cell walls of all vegetables, so, unless you're a cow (in which I commend you on your hoof dexterity on being able to type ^_^) eating things with cellulose (vegetables) will not do a thing to your diabetes, and in fact, is good for you. Cellulose itself has no calories, and provides no nutrients, it's just dietary fiber, but the vegetables that contain it are, for the most part, very low glycemic index (good for diabetics) and have (depending on which) lots of vitamins and minerals.
So don't get hung up on the biochemistry and have all the salad you want ^_^.

Sarah Ann
Cellulose is fiber.

*~!super chicky!~*
yes cellulose is sugar it might have some carbohydrates

peggy w
anything with the suffix of "ose" denotes sugar. ;)

like, dextrose, sucrose, etc.

It is a fibrous carbohydrate, but it's a carb VERY different form starch. Cellulose is a straight chain polymer: unlike starch, no coiling occurs, and the molecule adopts an extended rod-like conformation That's why you 'll find that plant cell walls are made of cellulose. This strength is important in cell walls, where they are meshed into a carbohydrate matrix, helping keep plant cells rigid.
So although it is technically a carbohydrate, it's so fibrous in nature that the bonds prevent it from acting like other carbohydrates.
If you're inquiring regarding its glycemic index values, I would categorize it as very low, unlike many other carbs. You can have it even if you can't have sugar, because cellulose is the slowest carb you can consume, since it's digested as strictly fiber. It's actually the healthiest "carb" possible.

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