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miss me!
What is a fast way to bring down you blood sugar level as a diabetic...other than insulin.?

Wut will help u lower your blood sugar is exerciseing an 1 hr and u can also try eating healthy food instead of all that junk food !!!!

Eye can relate
I am not a doctor, but i believe that ingesting marijuana temporarily lowers yuour blood sugar, that is why you get the munchies, of couurse then you want to eat a bunch of sugar, so...

water and excersise

you need to flush out all the sugar with alot of water and walking briskly will also bring down your blood sugar. Take your blood sugar 30 minutes after you have done these 2 things and see how your body responds.

Kunwar Singh
The best and fastest way to bring down your sugar level in diabetic conditions is take the juice of one fresh bitter gourd, one cucumber and one tomato on empty stomach every day to bring down your sugar level. Avoid rice intake and fruits like banana, mango and apple custard. Cut down on sugar. Drink more water and eat lots of cucumber to quench your thrust. Brisk walking for half an hour daily will certainly help. Avoid junk and spicy food. Non-vegetarian foods to be curtailed. No ice creams and cold drinks.

High blood sugar is not nearly as serious as low blood sugar. Unless it's over a long period of time. The best way to bring it down is to of course not eat sugar, exercise, and drink lots of water. God Bless

Sara, try this.

The best NATURAL answer to Diabetes is Bitter Melon.

This vegetable is available in all Philipino markets. I think some Indian grocery shops also have this vegetable.

Wash the vegetable and eat it raw - about half the vegetable per day and check your sugar level after about 4 days - you will see the difference. Of course I must warn you that the taste of it is very unpleasant. Once you know that it is good for you you will come to like it.

I know a person who was injecting insulin daily stopped it after his wife started to crush the vegetable and made him to drink a half cup of this juice daily.

Of course you have to have it raw. Boiling it or cooking it and eating it will have no results.

If you get good results post it as a question in this section so that others will know the value of this vegetable.

Reduce carbohydrate intake and exercise, but be careful it doesn't fo TOO low

Djembe J
The best possible way, and safest is to use large doses of Alpha Lipoic Acid. A single dose of 1000 mg can lower blood sugar 50% (this has been clinically established), and also has the side benefit of effectively treating and preventing the progression of neuropathy.
Also, use a fiber supplement to lower the glycemic rating of the foods you eat.....also, use products like "glycemic health" by Gaia, or "Glycemic vibrance" by Vibrant Health......

exercise wil lower blood sugar also, but make sure you test it, as this can cause an unsafe drop with vigorouse exertion

Drinking a lot of water and exercising.

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