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What happens to humalog insulin when it goes past its expiration date?
I assume it would just stop working, or are there other effects? Like instead of working right away it works on a delay?

It depends on alot of things. Like the persons allergies or reactions. Or what type of insulin it is and what its used for. Im not a pro on this field Im just making an educated guess.
In worst cases probably death. I saw a show yesterday.

Insulin is a protein and proteins break down after time, becoming less effective.

Rex B
Um, it expires ?

I agree with The Crusader. It would probably become less effective which defeats the purpose of taking it. If it's out of date, throw it out, as The Crusader suggested. I've checked various diabetes websites with the query "humalog expired effective" and all of those I checked came up with the same answer: if it's expired, throw it out.

It may lose it's effectiveness. This is true of all insulins...not just Humalog.

Keep it in the fridge until you are ready to use it. Once you open the bottle (pop the cap), you can keep it at room temperature for 30 days. After that, toss it and open a new vial.

Never buy more insulin than you can use by the expiration date printed on the box and the vial.


the crusader
It may become less effective. Once it reaches its expiration date, just throw it out.

Your right it just loses its effectiveness. Never use it because it can be harmful. I have had juvenile diabetes since i was 4 and once i accidentally gave expired insulin, i ended up in the hospital.
Just throw it away before it comes too close to expiration date and don't leave it in the sun either.

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