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Sonja T
What happens if your blood sugar goes to high?

your head swells and your eyeballs burst from the pressure...it is not a prety sight.

markos m
You simply turn into a lollipop!

ChrisandSheila L
If you have been diagnosed as a full blown diabetic then you go into a diabetic coma, and then things could get ugly from there. So please make sure you keep your blood sugars at a normal rate.

Well, I get really hyper...
But that's probably just me.
By high I'm talking about 12.2.

you can go into coma.

Ken S
you go into a diabetic coma and could die

Due May 17th with #1!
You become very lethargic. You urinate alot and your vision will start to blur. You will e very thirsty all the time. Evenutally, you will slip into a coma if it is extreme enough.

Doris D
And you get very ill with people before the other starts happening to you. Read the other answers they cover the rest of it.

This is a condition called ketoacidosis, or diabetic coma. It is a serious complication of diabetes and occurs when insulin levels become inadequate to meet teh metabolic demands of the body. What happens first is the body begins spilling sugar into the urine, and causes osmotic diuresis (fluid leaking from various points on the body) and dehydration, evidenced by dry warm skin and mucous membranes. Deep respirations start to begin as the body trieds to compensate for the metabolic acidosis. Its a slow onset, usually lasting from 12-24 hours. In early stages, signs and symptoms include increased thirst, excessive hunger,urination and malaise(discomfort or uneasiness), followed by nausea, vomiting, marked dehydration, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) and general weakness. You may notice a fruity odor from their mouth. The last symptom, and a late one is unconsciousness (what is called the actual diabetic coma). I know this is probably more information than you wanted, but when it comes to answering medical questions, I like to be as thorough as I can.

First it may depend on why your blood sugar went so high. If you are an insulin dependent diabeteic in can make you urinate more and become dehydrated. This is known as diabetic ketoacidosis. Basicallly a catabolic state where because your body lacks insulin it has no way to get the sugar into the cells where your body can use it so, the body resorts to alternative means of energy and begins breaking down fats for energy- ketosis. This can drop your blood pH and cause you to be acidotic, this is life threatening as when this happens many of the basic body chemistry is thrown out of whack and it can kill you.

If you make insulin but your blood sugar goes really high, you could also go into a hyperosmolar state or coma. Having your blood sugar too high, overwhelms your kidneys and at greater than 300 mg/dl your kidneys spill out the extra sugar. The body tries to wash it out and you essential urinate more and lose more water and can get dehydrated if you cannot drink as much as you put out. This state can also cause mental status changes such as confusion and lethargy. It is a reason to be hospitalized as it can also lead to electolyte derangements.

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