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What foods can you eat to lower your blood suger levels?

George D
Looks like your ready for Winter? Any thing that doesn't include sugar is a good meal.
Check with your Doctor or Caregiver if your not sure of what to eat and what to avoid.
Good Luck&Good Health

none all foods have some sort of glucose in them but some foods dont raise blood sugar. plus excersize can lower ratings

ALL foods eventually break down into polysaccharides or stored as fat, which eventually breaks down into energy also. Energy used by the body (and all animals and plants) is called ATP. Monosaccharides, such as cane sugar, break down into energy more rapidly.

I liked the guy's answer about the celery and using more energy to chew it, creating negative energy! Tree bark probably falls into that category too. However, if you swallowed it whole (without chewing), even tree bark and celery will break down into a form of energy and raise your blood sugar.

There is no magic food that lowers the blood sugar. I've heard people say alcohol does, but it really doesn't. It's more of an illusion and fallacy. Or maybe alcohol will help you puke up all that candy you just ate. When I have a high blood sugar, I don't go out and get drunk to bring it back in line.

Dave F

Food does not lower hi blood sugars. Only medication and exercise can do that.

They CALL ME Farrooo7a
water . it is the best drink

I'm not familiar with any foods that will lower your blood sugar, however to keep your blood sugar levels from going up avoid foods with a lot of sugar or starch.

Eating food does not lower blood sugar. The only possible exception to this would be with one of the so-called "negative calorie foods" such as celery, with which it is claimed that you expend more calories chewing the celery than the celery provides.

But in the real sense, no, there are no foods that lower blood sugar.

Mr. Peachy®
Dr. Evil was close with tree bark. Kim nailed it. Cinnamon helps lower not only a type 2 diabetic's blood sugar by aiding insulin, but it also helps lower triglycerides and cholesterol. Don't believe me, though, read these:

These previous answers are from idiots! Cinnamon is a well documented Herb/Food that does in fact lower blood sugar. Also little know fact is that alcohol lowers blood sugars too. Any Diabetic knows it is the CARBS that are the key to controlling blood sugars.


***How to lower blood sugar is through exercise and diet, especially by eating low-glycemic foods because they are digested much slower than high-glycemic. Foods that lower blood sugar include apples, oranges, pears, beans, peas, oatmeal, barley, zucchini, granola, and peanuts. Eating high-glycemic foods such as potatoes, white bread, and rice enter the bloodstream quicker causing more work for the pancreas to produce insulin.
Healthier food choices are seemed to be the overall consensus that eating sweet foods were the worst thing one could do who was diagnosed as a diabetic. But research has shown potatoes and white bread are converted to glucose faster when eaten than a candy bar. Protein doesn't raise sugar levels enough to worry about and most vegetables are usually okay. Stress levels can affect a diabetic because of stress hormones in the body that trigger a release of glucose into the bloodstream. Exercise has been shown to provide the most health benefits to patients with diabetes.

One of the things that happens when there is too much sugar in the blood is the damage that can be caused to small blood vessels especially in the eyes, brain, kidneys, and heart. Eating foods that lower blood sugar not only help to maintain sugar levels to prevent damage but also help with weight loss. There are some foods that are good for many ailments such as apples. Apples have fiber and help to lower cholesterol, and have anti-oxidants that help to lower inflammation in the body. Avocados help diabetics with circulation, cholesterol and help keep blood vessels healthy. Many vegetables contain anti-oxidants including carrots, cabbage, broccoli, collard greens, and spinach. Find out how to lower blood sugar by learning about nuts. They have been studied because of their ability to help keep arteries healthy and decrease the risk for heart disease. Blueberries and cranberries help prevent urinary tract infections and have anti-viral properties.
Some alternative research as shown that herbs and supplements offer a natural way towards healing for diabetics. Ginseng taken after a meal has been shown to help with regulating blood glucose levels. Other herbs noted for diabetic remedy include licorice extract, cinnamon herb powder, cayenne pepper, huckleberries, and yarrow. Other studies have shown insulin resistant individuals usually have high triglycerides, a fatty substance in blood lipids. A person who has high triglycerides may also have high cholesterol. Cinnamon has also been shown to mildly thin the blood helping to keep blockages in the arteries from forming. A low fat diet will help bring balance to lipids and decrease chances of developing heart disease. Many herbs and foods that lower blood sugar will provide health benefits not only to diabetics but to everyone.
***2 THUMBS DOWN - groan.***
Redone now - FULL PAGE COPY so you won't have to do the extra click ....Geeze, what a rough crowd - Lantus & Humalog off? Have a piece of dark chocolate - will heighten your mood - raise your 'sugar' a bit (good for the heart).

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