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What does it mean when you have diabetes and your feet start to go numb?
How can that be treated? Is it very seious?

Ellie May
lack of circulation

he might just be the one!
ur blood curculation isnt working right. go into the emergency room now!

Called Poor Circulation in your legs. Now for treatment, you would have to ask your doc about that. It can be very serious. It could be a pulmonary embolisim which means a blood clot in legs which is stopping the blood from flowing correctly. If the the clot release, it can travel to lung or heart or both. But please go see your doc for treatment

Numbness and tingling of the extremities, legs, feet, hands, fingers can all be signs of Diabetic Neuropathy. Once it sets in you have to keep tight control of your blood sugars. It's very painful at times. You may feel like electric shocks are hitting your feet. You need to keep a good HbA1C level at about 6-7.
It's up to your Dr., there is medication for nerve pain.
Neuropathy is due to nerve damage that accompanies poor glucose control. I had it start in 1995, I was very lax about my diabetes and being Type 1, I just didn't care. Now I am 46 and taking better care of myself but the damaging effects are
taking over.

One thing people are not told by their Dr.'s is that this disease killls you from the inside out. That is what has happened with me. It's a cruel disease that many take too lightly. I did and know what a mistake that is.
To anyone who is a diabetic, please listen to your Dr. but also educate yourself as much as you can about your condition. Rely on medical books, articles, Diabetes Self-Management Magazine. Also, with the wide variety of sugar-free items as far as food goes, it's not that hard. There are times that it's difficult to follow but once you get used to it, it's easy. There is groups on Yahoo for Diabetes, join them and listen to others views as well. Take care!

You're getting poor circulation. That happens to alot of people w/ diabetes. my friends mom ended up losing a foot because of it :(

Jeffrey K
it means you have a problem

Jennifer M
Yes this could potentially be very serious... You need to call your doctor as soon as you can!

Poor circulation can be one of the side effects of diabetes. See a doctor for advice, they will tell you how to prevent it from becoming serious.

Watch your sugar level. Eat candy.

it means you need to see your doctor to get some blood thinners because you have poor circulation. if you don't and this gets worse you could loose your feet.

Roger N
Feet are numb and...
If your feet are cold, poor circulation. Go see the doc.
If your feet are warm, you have a pinched nerve in your lower back. Go see a chiropractor.

Diabetics tend to have circulatory problems associated with the disease. If you are feeling numbness in your legs or feet, I would personally consider it a serious thing and go tell a doctor right away. It could mean a serious circulatory problem that needs to be treated. In no way am I saying that this is the point where you are at, but circulatory problems like these in diabetics can lead to amputations if untreated. Amputations used to be prominent amongst diabetics and are not unheard of even today due to the circulatory problems in the issue. But if this is something recent it is probably not that serious. Just go to the doctor and see what he says.

Lisa F
People that have diabetes are more prone to things like poor blood circulation and nerve damage in their feet. It is called peripheral neuropathy. You need to get your doctor to check your feet ASAP.

Here's a link with info that you might find interesting and to answer more questions that you might have.


A condition called diabetic neuropathy. Due to poor blood sugar regulation the nerves in the feet are slowly destroyed. To help determine this answer these questions. First is it happening to both feet? and is the numbness a foot in sock type meaning the whole foot not just parts. Yes this is serious and you must talk to your doctors to prevent this from getting to the point that you cannot feel your feet, and you have to look at them in order to walk. Work hard to take care of yourself, if you have been then work harder, this does not have to happen. The nerve damage is permanent.

NEUROPATHY. when a person is diagnosed with diabetes the MD (or hopefully someone) should have explained all about the symptom and long term effects of diabetes. they are alot of different neuropathies which occur. the best of luck to you.

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