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 Do you have to apsirate the needle when giving regular insulin injections???
I need a TRUTHFUL answer to this question NO GUESSES PLEASE. Only respond if you know the actual answer. Prefer a nurse or Md answer please....

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 Is a blood preasure reading of 120/57 dangerous?
it usually runs 180/80 and I am on ...

 Is this bad??
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 Sugar level above 1000 IS BAD?
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Additional Details
No it 1000, my dad was admitted ...

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 4 pounds a week?
i need to loose 3-4 pounds a week
im 144 pounds and 5 ft 3 1/2
i extersize for 30 minutes a night
then do 100 crutches
i know its unhealthy but
last month i was almost ...

 Obesity could be defined in terms of weight alone. What would be wrong with this?
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 Concieving with diabetes?
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 Symptoms of Diabetes?? Is It Hard to Manage??
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 Diabetic coma?
I know when ones sugar levels drop to 2.4 or 3 one goes into a diabetic coma.... The 'normal' is 5 to 7 more or less.
When one goes over to 15 to 30 for example what are the ...

 Question for diabetics...?
what type of diabetes do you have?

at what age were you diagnosed?

are you insulin dependent?

do you use an insulin pump? if so, what brand do you use?


Chris L
What does it mean to have thick blood?
A nurse checked my co-worker's sugar level and said she had thick blood, that it's not good. She didn't explain herself. Any ideas?

Another one bites the Dust!
It means that the flow of her blood just might be clogged... It depends on what people eat and take in there body... for example people who smoke regularly have thick blood because of the amount of nicotine in there blood..... People who don't drink enough liquids also have this problem... Blood Clots and so forth.... So it depend on what the person takes in there body and diet.....

fat people have more fat cells than skinny people, duh

Chuck G

Possibly blood that clotted immediately. It may indicate an extremely high number of platelets, super high hemoglobin or some other part of blood that is abnormal. Blood consists of all sorts of things in certain amounts. An extremely high level of something can plug up organs, such as kidney's, liver, & make them quit. Instant clotting could make a heart attack or stroke happen faster. If your co-worker hasn't had a physical recently, she may want to go in & have a complete blood count done.

thick blood is harder to pump and it gets stuck easier

Chris L !
Thick blood, also known as hypercoagulability, is a condition where the blood is more viscous (thicker and stickier) than normal. The unusual increase in the thickness of blood is due to an abnormality in the clotting process. The thickened blood hinders the circulation of oxygen, nutrients, and hormones and prevents them from being transferred successfully to tissues and cells throughout the body. This may result in widespread nutritional and hormonal deficiencies as well as Hypoxia, a condition in which cells have a low level of oxygen.

To know much more about diabetes

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