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What does it mean if my sons blood glucose level is 46? Doctor said norm. is 65-99?

Edward W
If 65-99 is norm that means that 46 is low, if it was 110 it woul be high.

Best thing for you to do is educate yourself on what diabetes is all about then if your son is old enough to understand what diabetes is all about, teach him or have a diabetes specialist teach him and have him check by a doctor once an a while to have him on the right path....Good luck, hope your child lives a healthy life :)

Aldo 78520
your child has type I or type II diabetes? Either way, that's dangerously low. Its called hypoglycemia and you need to give them something fast acting sweet so it can regulate his sugar levels. Wait about half an hour and if its still low, take him to the E.R. not attending to it can be harmful even fatal

If his blood sugar has dropped to 46, then he had a "low". Normal blood sugar is 70-110. Make sure his diet is consisting of complex carbohydrates. He needs to incorporate a protein also...peanut butter or cheese works well....because the fat content "holds" the blood sugar so it doesn't fall vastly. If low blood sugar persists..then you may want to purchase a blood meter and check his sugar every 2 hours after he eats....watch and see if his sugar rises above 120..if it does so.. (2 hrs only) after eating..then he maybe be in the developing stages of " pre - diabetes"...

I'm a type one diabetic...and.. going through lows....is not fun..however.. just be cautious with your diet and exercise.. if he is a havy exerciser..he may require to eat more snacks..

Good luck!

46 is low (not extremely low) but before interpreting this value and start making any conclusions there some thing that someone should take into consideration. First and most important is how was this value obtained, meaning was this the result of a blood test which just measures glucose ("true glucose") or part of a test panel that measures basic metabolic parameters (such as the basic metabolic panel); if it was measured as part of a test panel this number is not accurate since it depends on how long the blood sample was "sitting" before being processed. There are many other things that need to be considered before answering your question, such as your son's age, if he had any signs or symptoms of hypoglycemia when the measurement was done, the conditions under which the measurement was done, his current state of health, his past medical history, etc....That is why it is impossible to make a conclusion from the amount of information you provided...

And your son is still alive?? I'm surprised he wasn't in a coma with his blood sugar that low. I passed out a few weeks ago and had a seizure and my blood sugar was 56 and I had to go to the ER.

So, surely you have taken your son to the ER or to the doctor, right? They will tell you what it means. I don't know the rest of his medical history, you don't say if he is diabetic and had too much insulin or if he is hypoglycemic?

L_H Qutub(Retired)
From the forum point of view, you have not mentioned how old is your son? in extreme growth periods, and early man hood figures vary. I too used to have low sugar levels, but they were symptomless, hence you insist on a Q/A session with your consultant.
Write down your questions first and ask him!until you are satisfied.

46 is low. Anything under 70 should be treated. You should know this.......
If your childs doctor isn't telling you what to do, you need to get another doctor fast. First give your child a juice box!

It's low. Last week I went out and mine was 11. My doctor says normal is 60-120 fasting. Because you have the meter I would keep testing in the morning and before meals. Write the levels down and if they are not normal see the doctor.

Get your child something with carbs to eat and drink .
This is a low sugar. No reason for the ER unless you wait till he is in a comma.

Didn't they teach you anything about diabetes ?
Educate yourself and get your child to a better doctor.
Good luck

Sabrina H
His blood sugar is low. He might not have eaten for too long before the test, he might be very thin with little body reserves to draw from, or he might have been doing something strenuous that drained his reserves.

What did his doctor have to say was the cause? Was the doctor overly concerned? If his blood glucose goes too low, down in the 20's or so, he might have an altered mental status, or pass out. I would want more information on the events leading up to this test level before I became too worried, but it is worth keeping an eye on.

triple threat
My 2 year old daughter is a type 1 diabetic--I think your Doctor is wacked!!! Low blood sugar is 70 or less and high blood sugar is 250 or greater. The norm should be 75 to about 95. It also may depend on the age of your child to consider what the norm would be considering that his diabetes is under controll. Get a second opinion.

Crazy Cat Lady &gt;^..^<
your low eat something with carbs in it..Its VERY dangrous to be low

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