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What does it mean if a glucose reading is 229 two hours after eating, but 91 5 hrs after eating?
I am not diabetic (My mother is) I tested my glucose out of curiousity two hours after eating last night, and it was 229. Then today 5 hrs after eating it was 91.....Why would it be so high one time, then normal the next?

this is what you said..............I am not diabetic (My mother is) I tested my glucose out of curiousity two hours after eating last night, ...............it was high because you tested after eating. dont worry.

James C
Your mother checks her glucose throughout the day because it frequently changes. Your body had digested the food from 2 hours ago at 229, but had more than likely burned off the majority of the sugars (glucose) at the 5 hour mark. Drink a glass of OJ or Apple juice (high fructose) and try again. See what happens

you can do alot in 3 hours. since you ate at night u probably just relaxed and you ate somthing sugary. but the next day maybe you ate somthing less sugary and did some activities that involve work and burned out the sugar

i could be wrong since im not diabetic

see your doctor. It should never read over 140 for a non diabetic person.....

Your blood sugar peaks 1.5 to 2 hours after you eat, and then falls as the food leaves your system. I strongly suspect you may be diabetic- 229 is almost 100 points over what your blood sugar should be- anything over 126 is diabetic. Either that, or you used a bad test strip...... test again and if it's that high again, go see a doctor.

This is what happens when you eat:

At first, the broken down sugars enter your bloodstream, causing your sugar levels to skyrocket.
But high sugar levels set off a biochemical pathway that triggers insulin production, if the body is able to. Insulin mainly signals the body to take the broken down sugars and build them back up in a form called glycogen.
Where glucose floats freely in the blood, causing the high reading, glycogen is stored near the muscles. That sugar is basically stored in a form that can be re-broken down when sugar levels get too low. It's still there, just not floating around. If there is too much or too little sugar in the blood, your cells can't function properly.

This really depends on what you are eating and what type of insulin you are on (or maybe you are on pills). If you are eating high carb meals, this will spike the blood sugar. If you are eathing veggies and protiens, the carbs in those veggies turn to sugar at a different rate than typical refined carbs. Take notice on the type of carbs, and how those carbs affect your sugar.

Good luck.

It's because of the length of time between eating and testing. Also, maybe you ate something with more sugar in it the first time. Everyone's sugar elevates after eating, then declines until your next meal. Therefore, the readings you had are pretty normal. If you're really concerned, then don't eat anything and only drink water if needed after 10pm tonight, test your blood first thing in the morning before eating anything. If it's in the normal range (say, between 80 to 120) then you do not have a problem.

Since diabetis is hereditary, watch what you eat and exercise to avoid this debilitating disease.

After we eat a meal, our glucose levels in our blood increase due to the digestion of the meal. While the food is being digested in our guts, glucose is being absorbed from the food into our bloodstream. Coincidently, our body secretes insulin, which stores glucose as glycogen in various tissues in our body. This action takes a while to occur, but it allows our blood glucose levels to return to normal (<100). When you checked your glucose soon after a meal, it was high because you had just eaten. Many hours afterwards, after all the excess glucose is stored, your levels became normal again.

People who eat a very high carb/sugar diet can get insulin resistant diabetes, which means that your glucose intake is so high that insulin levels have maxed out and cannot bring your glucose levels down to normal. This is adult onset diabetes type II, and a reason why we should watch out diets, especially as we get older and even more so when we have family members who have diabetes. But don't worry, your glucose levels are normal.

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