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What does having a glucose test with a result of 116 mean?
I had a bmp yesterday, my nurse said everything was great exept that my glucose was a bit high, however she seemed concerned that I follow it closer. I thought up to 150 was ok. This wasnt fasting or anything. Please, serious answers only.

it means u have a blood sugar level of 116.

and it also means that u r a very sweet person.

Glucose (Sugar) test. Control your blood glucose & do self-monitoring as & when required. (Target: Fasting blood sugar 60-100 mg/dL; Postprandial blood sugar 2 hours after food-Less than 140 mg/dL)

shes wanting to mess with you doctors make money from dinners and freebies from medicine salesmen so 80 to 120 is normal and if the blood work was fasting maybe thats bad but not in a fast forgetaboutit shes a nut

Don't worry. As someone else said, 70-120 is good for non-diabetics, even though it's been awhile since you ate. Consider getting it checked again the next time you are at the doctor's office.
But really, don't stress!

70-110 is normal so if you were at 116 you were just above the normal range. I would talk to the doc on the phone to see if he wants to do anything more about this or just leave it for now since it is just above normal limits.

HC Investigator
it means you are normal. not sure why your nurse would think 116 is high.

116 without fasting seems normal to me, especially if you had eaten within the past 2 or 3 hours. Just be sure to get your blood work done regularly and you should be fine.

Joachin Murrieta
If you were not fasting, then 116 doesn't seem high to me. A fasting glucose of 116 is slightly high....

kathy s
A fasting blood sugar should be between 80 - 120. I don't know how she can say it was high if you weren't fasting. When did you eat last and what did you eat. Usually 2 to 4 hours after eating a normal meal, the blood sugar should be back down to 140. I f you are really concerned, get a fasting/feasting blood sugar test done. You drink this liquid, and they draw blood every few hours. Does it run in your familly? Do you have symptoms? Are you pregnant

A glucose level for a non-diabetic should be between 60 and 100. It used to be 120 for the high end, but that has changed. A 116 reading isn't that bad especially if it was done after eating, but it could be a warning sign that you're in the pre-diabetic stage. You need to watch what you eat from a carbohydrate perspective and exercise more. A blood sugar level of 150 would be unacceptable for a non-diabetic and would send up all kinds of red flags for your doctor.

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