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 Important omg do i have a disease?
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What does 88 mean on a blood glucose test?
I have pre-diabetes and my blood sugar is really low at night and it should be like 100 but my dad also took a test and it was 88 too... what does that mean? Also, after you eat... the level should be less than 180 and mine was 87 is that bad?
Additional Details
My normal level is about 98-112 ish

Those are good results. Your blood glucose level should be higher at night if you eat late or if there is absorption delays. Your pancreas seems to be matching insulin w/ your glucose intake. Just because you have hypoglycemic episodes at night, doesn't even mean that you have pre-diabetes. You could be hypoglycemic and not be diabetic. Diabetes is high glucose levels from insufficient insulin deliveries, you should be worries about pre-diabetes if your blood sugar levels are high.

your readings are awesome!
dont worry about that..
unless they start getting out of the range 70-110
and are not aroung that.. thenn start worrying.
but for now..
yrr fine! (:

88 is perfect unless you're on insulin and it's nighttime. Since you're only pre-diabetic, 88 is great. After you eat your BG's should ideally be less than 140, not 180. That's too high.

Normal glucose is between 70-110, so 88 is fine. 87 two hours after eating is good, also.

Depends on when you took your reading. Normal ranges for people are different but should be between 80-100 if you are fasting. 88 is kinda low if it was taken at night. Are you sure that you are pre-diabetic?

I am Type II diabetic. For a normal, active (non-couch potato, someone who gets a moderate amount of exercise or is very active every single day, and doesn't eat between meals, or eats snacks like ice cream, cookies, sodas, candy bars, pies on a habitual basis which keeps the blood sugar elevated and never lets it drop, bu now and then on an active day it's ok to have the occasional piece of cake or scoop of ice cream or the like) person after at least 5 hours their blood sugar should drop between the 'normal' range of 70 to 110 mg/dl (some doctors believe 70 to less than 120 is acceptable). 'Really low' at night would be perhaps 60 after at least 5 hours after a 'normal' (not exceeding 667 calories or less 'BMR' is 2000 calories a day will sustain your weight) size meal to match your activity level and personal metabolic rate.

I use the One Touch Basic home glucose test meter.
It's results differ from the laboratory method by a factor of 1.2. So I must always calculate what the meter reads. What ever the meter reads I must multiply it by 1.2 so a reading of 88 would give me a true reading of 98.56. This would put my blood sugar in the normal range meaning it's being well controlled. Some sources claim that 2 hours after eating your blood sugar should be around 160 (providing you didn't eat to engorge yourself, three helpings of everything plus lots of high sugar desert). No two people are going to have to same metabolic rate so you can't much compare yourself with your dad. If after two hours from eating a sensible size meal your blood sugar has dropped to 87, then you're doing very well.

88 and 87 is great blood sugar readings!!! What does your blood sugar usually run? Kids that do not have diabetes sugar should run between 80 and 120. Your numbers are great!!!

Foghorn Leghorn
88 means you're perfect. 87 after eating makes me jealous. The best I can do is about 98. Anything between 70 and 110 is darned good.

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