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jennifer b
What do you do if someone is having a diabetic fit???
because nearly all my family are diabetics and well i mite have it but the type 2 but i want to no i what shall i do if there on the floor fitting because i think i should now this but i watch people doing it but i cant actually take it in sooo..... yer

People with Diabetes don't have fits, unless they have Epilepsy. You seem to be confusing the 2 very different illnesses.

You either have Diabetes or you don't. Why do you think you MIGHT have it? Get tested first.

I have never heard of anyone fitting with diabetes, are you sure you don't mean epilepsy?

it depends if they are high levels on the glucose machine then give them orange juice.
But if they are low levels then a candy, lolipop or a bit of sugar mix in water or warm water..

The one and only
give them some sugar water.................what is the thumbs down for my mother-inlaw is diabetic.......you give them sugar water something sweet...duh......read micksmixxx a few down another man who knows what he is on about

i'm married 2 one.


Diabetics do not have Fits

They have

Hypoglycaemia (low sugar)

Hyperglycaemia (high sugar )

Give Insulin to Lower sugar

Give them glass of Lucozade (to higher sugar level)

4 teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water( higher sugar level)

Call an ambulance

You have to get their blood levels to 5.2 - 7.2

you need to learn how to test their blood

A fit is uncontrollable muscle spasms. A diabetic does not get fits. If they go hypoglycemic, i.e. very low sugar, they can collapse into a diabetic coma. Cure, very sweet drinks or high sugar confectionery. Hyperglycemia, high sugar levels, do not create any immediate effect, (apart from giving me a headache).

call an ambulance and move stuff out of there way. dont try and hold them down. get them treatment ASAP. nothing much you can do.

There are two things that happen to a diabetic they either go hypoglycemic which is where there blood sugar is to low in this case you should give them a sugary drink or something to eat, or hyperglycemic this is when the blood sugar is to high in this case they will need there medication either insulin or tablet(you must be sure of there blood sugar level before doing either of the above) If a diabetic is fitting they will have severe hypo or hyper glycemia, in which case you should call an ambulance, make sure the area around them is safe to prevent injury, and keep checking their vital signs ie) breathing and circulation.

There are two different options. i would recommend purchasing these and to keep them on hand. If the person is unconscious, they have an injection called glucogon. this is in a shot form that works extremely quickly. if the person is conscious, a tube or two of liquid glucose is recommended. this is a gel that is in a tube that is squirted in the mouth. an important note is don't have the person eat candy...lifesavers etc...it takes too long to work. i hope this helps

My father is a diabetic (injections) and when I see one coming on OR in full affect, I talk calmly, and bring him some juice or some type of candy to bring him back to normal.
In severe cases you have to call 911, but generally, it's almost like they're drunk, right? So you talk to them calm, and remain in control. They are usually aware they are having a "fit" (reaction) and quite happy to get back to normal and take the juice or candy ! LOL
Hope this helps.

My Grandmother was a diabetic. She usually had sugar pills in her purse..But anything sweet will work. If you know someone close to you,you should carry sugar pills that can be bought over the counter at any chain store or Pharmacy..Or,just carry something sweet that they can eat..I hope this solves your problems..And,yes you can give a diabetic sugar when they are having a fit..even tho they say diabetics can't have sugar...

Hedge Witch
Guess you've worked out that no two diabetics are the same?!

When I hypo I start off getting a bit confused, repeating myself, unable to complete sentences, then I get a sudden hot sweat - if I have failed to do anything about it after about 15 minutes - I may start "fitting" All that happens is that I lose control of my muscles and they start to do their own thing.
I guess I am lucky that after having type 1 diabetes for >40 years I still get plenty of warnings about hypos!
Best thing for me is a swig of lucozade (I have a bottle in the bedroom and one in the kitchen), this brings me back within 5 minutes - but it then has to be backed up with a longer acting carbohydrate such as wholemeal toast.
One answer on here was good - stay calm, don't appear threatening (I react as if anyone being assertive is threatening me & trying to kill me!) and just keep things normal.
MOST unlikely you should need to call medics - although if the hypos start to happen too often & for no reason - the diabetic may need to get help to get the condition back under control

BTW - has anyone ever had anyone say "Really? You don't LOOK like a diabetic!" ;-p

Call the paramedics.

sugary juice or hard candies can work. anything that has high sugar content.

Cathy :)
Hi, yeah it's a good idea for everyone to know what to do. The first thing is to call an ambulance - they will hopefully talk you through the rest but the main thing is a glucogen injection. This is NOT an insulin injection like they normally take!!! You should ask them all where they keep them (mbe in the fridge or in a handbag etc.) and to show you how to use it. It's an injection that makes your liver release glucose into your blood. If they are fitting stay away from their mouth (cos they might bite you by mistake!) and don't put anything in their mouth incase they choke. But if they have stopped fitting and are semi-awake it might be possible to give them something sweet to eat like honey or syrup (again so they don't choke on anything too runny or too solid - some sugar can be absorbed through the skin in your mouth so swallowing is not essential). Don't worry if you can't do anything other than sit with them untill the ambulance arrives - just move stuff out the way so they don't hurt themselves if they are fitting.

Thanks for your question - it'd be great if more people were interested - it could save a life - hope you don't ever have to xxx

Jovi Freak
I think what you are referring to is a HYPO. It is when the blood sugar drops and is too low.

I have been type 1 diabetic for 22 years now, I don't always get warnings about hypos but people at work and at home know what to look out for, here's what they tell me lol

I start off waffling, mixing up words, which will get worse slowly, I get argumentative especially if someone says I think your hypo eat something ! I worked a way round this and keep a pack of choccy biccys in my drawer which they are to pull out with a coffee and eat them with me. If my hypo isn't caught soon enough my legs get week and I can't stand and have trouble focusing on things. I have had an actual fit during the night, but only the once.

Ask your friends or relatives what they like to take for hypos, I won't take fizzy drinks coke etc as I know not to drink them usually and get stubborn when hypo so flattly refuse them! I know Im hard work haha.

no hypo is the same, warning signs differ, speak to the people involved, it's their diabities they will be able to help you best.

max w
i've diabetic for 14 years now,i've never had a fit as such,but have been hypo in bed and my head jolts in my sleep.but i have woke up thinking it was a day later and feeling completly out of it,its alomost like being drunk!due to having a hypo.my worst experience was when my sugar level was 1.2 in the morning and i fell over,landed on my face and broke my nose and smashed all my front teeth out.but as for fitting like that,i'm not overly convinced that happens.

Doris D
I'm really sorry but I have been a diabetic for 34 years and if I have a hypo I told my husband and kids NOT to refer to it as a "fit". Refer to it as an insulin reaction (low blood sugar) I agree with both ncbound and mustang7 check the bs if the person is unconscious give them a gluacgon shot since they are able to drink anything or swallow (been there done that). If the person is able to swallow then either give them juice with sugar in it or what I've done and my family is to drink a 1/2 glass of water with pure sugar in it to raise the bs THEN check again in 15 minutes if it has risen back to a average range give me a sandwich and usually an apple and Graham crackers to keep it up. If it is really high I don't do anything else but check it again in another 15 minutes. That's what works for me anyway!

Fitting? That is unusual. Going unconscious either when sugars are far too high or low is more common. If they are conscious and can swallow give them warm (not boiling) water with sugar in, or a Hypostop tube and then a sandwich or something slower acting.

If they go unconscious they should have with them a glucose injection into a muscle - though, because I do not use them myself, I have forgotten the name of it. They should tell you.
When they come round, you should do what the family doctor tells you, it is different for different people.

Dr Frank
Fitting in diabetics can occur rarely when the patients are profoundly hypoglycaemic = low blood sugar. the most likely patients to be affected are those on insulin, rather than tablets.

Insulin diabetics can be issued with non-medical packs of an injectable drug glucagon. You can be taught how to use this in an emergency.

NEVER try to give anything oral to a patient who is unconscious or fitting as you may kill them!

TEST THEIR BLOOD SUGAR before you give them anything...... It could be high just as much as low. If nearly all of your family has diabetis... you should know what to do.... TAKE a course on the illness or talk to their doctors. You need to know what to do.

It seems that some people are not as aware of diabetes as they think they are.

Diabetics can, and do, fit, but this is usually only when their blood sugar level is extremely low.

First of all, if you're referring to a 'fit' as a hypoglycaemic attack (low blood sugar), and the person is conscious, the correct thing to do is to give something sweet ... i.e., glucose drink, chocolate, sugar in water, etc.

When they are unconscious, do not attempt to give anything orally. This can be dangerous. If they do have a glucagen kit (an injection of glucagon, where you mix sterile water with a powder ... both of which are contained in the kit), you inject it into a muscle ... either the upper arm or thigh are the normal injection sites for this.

If the glucagon does not bring the person round, or the person is truly 'fitting', you must dial 999 and request an ambulance as this is a true emergency.

Please believe me, there is a vast difference between having a hypo (hypoglycaemic attack), even if consciousness is lost, and having a fit.


I agree that most diabetics do not 'fit' when they have severe hypoglycaemic reactions, but I beg to differ with modeller_db that "A diabetic does not get fits." I have been admitted to hospital on a number of occasions due to me 'fitting' during a severe hypoglycaemic episodes.

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