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What do YOU do when your blood sugar drops?
Say your blood sugar drops suddenly and you start to feel disoriented and shaky...so much so, you can hardly get into your purse for some crackers or candy. The panic sets in and you start to freak- I can't really think about walking or anything. I can't get my mind off how weird I feel. I need some tips on trying to remain calm, cuz at that moment I feel like I could black out or die.

Joy Melaine O
have some one near you go get you some orange juice and stay with you until you feel better

As soon as I feel like that I get out the peanut butter crackers I carry. I have had it happen lots of times and always managed to get to what I needed, even though I felt I was not able.

I know that feeling very well! It's horrible! You can certainly learn some techniques to help yourself calm down, but also remember that most of what you're feeling is not an emotional state, it's mostly physical ... meaning you cannot really shake it until your blood sugar begins to climb back to normal. Crackers are good but you might want to keep with you some of the products made for low blood sugar episodes. They act quicker in most cases. If you don't have any of those, juices act very quickly and soft drinks (non-diet drinks, of course). Be careful with candy, not only can it send you the opposite direction and into a high sugar state, but candy that has a high fat content will actually take LONGER to act b/c your body must first break down the fat - which takes longer and takes more energy, making the situation worse. Best advise I can offer is to get whatever product you have into your system and TAKE A BREAK. Sit down and let yourself relax a minute. Personally I cannot think very well at all when I get low so I'm better off not returning to whatever activity I was doing until I sit down for a minute and regain m y composure. Another tip, don't lay down - just in case you might doze off and your sugar may not come up enough to reach a safe level, causing you to pass out in your sleep. That happened to me many times in the early days of my diagnosis. Best of luck to you!

they sell glucose tablets at stores and you need to make sure you always have something with you

Just eat or drink something as quick as you can. I suffer from hypoglycemic episodes myself and can relate. I'm not sure how to help you remain calm just make sure you always have some peanut butter crackers handy at all times.

well obviously you know that the solution is to eat or drink something. so why not just concentrate on getting to the fridge or wherever you keep your food and thinking that you will feel better soon instead of concentrating on the symptoms.
i'm not a diabetic but i get low sugar often.

i know it is an awful feeling, i woke at 5am last weekend sweating and shaking. i was so weak i could barely get out of the bed. i thought i was dying. i thought i had a super high fever or anything and then i ate breakfast because i was hungry and i felt incredibly relieved that it was all better in a couple of minutes.
it is scary though to feel like that.
just concentrate on knowing that you will be better if you eat.

since you know you already have a problem you should make it a habit to carry glucose tablets that they sell over the counter or hard candies that are loose in a water proof type of small container you can carry in your pocket or around your neck. now-a-days there are so many concealable containers that are cheap. or consider putting pure sugar in a small container that you can place in your pocket.or sugar packets.

you need to blank out everything and everyone around you, keep thinking and saying to yourself ' i need to get the sugar from my purse and get it in my mouth '...which is hard but i find because i have thought of this plan beforehand i carry it out the best when i'm spaced out due to low sugar. You can even scream out loud what your thinking, this would maybe attract someone to help you aswell... some crazy memories of myself with a low blood sugar.....

well first of all calm down : -D lows can be scary, but as long as you keep your cool, and know what brings your sugar up the fastest, then you will be fine! When my sugar drops suddenly, I find milk....it is the fastest and most available solution to me. (this is if I'm at home). If I am out....and it drops, I eat a couple glucose tablets until I can get something more hardy (carbs). The sugar will bring your sugar up long enough to get somewhere to get complex carbs.

The most important thing to remember during a low is to remain calm....the more you stress and the more you freak out the lower your sugar will get...

I get very shaky when my sugar drops to 50 or below and it gets difficult to pick anything up (such as the gallon of milk, etc) but I keep in mind that if i can get myself together long enough to poor a glass of milk then I am one step closer to being back to normal! So good luck to you! Milk, bananas, cereal, peanut butter sandwiches are my low sugar savers.

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