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I'm 14 and lately I've been really thirsty all the time, always tired, always hungry, and even when I eat a lot I don't get full and my weight stays the same or goes down by at least 4 ...

 Would peeing too much be a symptom of?
pre-diabetes as well?????
And how much is too much????
I am pretty sure I am not dabetic, my fasting was 99 and 5.4 for an a1c and my dr. says its fine, but I am just curious.
thanks ...

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When I eat even 1 bite of a cookie I get severe headache, I stay away from pop,...

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i go to camp kudzu, but i was just wondering what other great camps are out there for us?...

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 My sister is a diabetic and has asthma too. So home remedies like taking sugar related stuff like honey is not
possible for her persistent dry cough.Can anyone suggest any remedy. The tests for TB and Pneumonia are all negative....

 What does it mean when you pee alot?
pee 15 time a day i am 20 and fat (360) and 6 2
my tongue is like sand paper high blood sugar 180 nom is 120...

 I took the blood test HbA1c and the level was 6.6. does this mean i am diabetic?
the normal is 6.0 but my doctor is doing nothing. should i be worried or not?...

 My blood sugar is high and I will not have insurance for another month. What can I do?
Long story short, I had to take a physical last week and they tested my urine. It has sugar in it, so they tested my blood. Came back 369!! I had eaten a PB&J sandwich and drank a soda (not a ...

 My blood glucose level is 190 after eating a meal, is this way out of control?

 What vegetables can be given to a diabetic patient?
My uncle is a diabetic patient and accidentally he has got burns. Now what vegetables can be given to him in diet......

 Could it have been a fluke?
I'm 15 years old and about a month ago i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I took a fasting blood test and my a1c was 6 and my bloodsugar was 219. Is there anyway this could've been a ...

 I think I have diabetes?
Okay I used to be able to stay up until 4 and not feel the effects the next day during school, but recently I've been sleeping a lot more. I pee more often and sometimes [a few times a day] I ...

 My husband is a first time user of insulin for his diabetes. How much insulin should he take to cover carbs?
His blood sugar was 62, and he was feeling funny. WHat do we do? Give some OJ or something sweet? And then after lunch it went up to 95. We didn't know whether to cover his carbs after eating ...

 If you are a Diabetic is it alright to drink carbonated drinks? Soda Water etc?

What can happen if your potassium level is too high?


Barbara S
I know it can hurt your heart. Not sure how.

R.T.G (really tall guy)
Too much potassium can lead to hyperkalemia.

you could have issues with your kidneys

You can have arrythmias.
And it can cause heart complications and even death.

Walking Oyster
it will cause high blood pressure (hypertension) which could progress into congestive heart failure

I am not a medical professional...but from talking to the doctors / nurses that my dad deals with every day when he trys to get a potassium pill....if its too high..you could have a heart attack and die.

again..this could be total misinformation..the person you need to ask is your doctor.

Earth Queen
Your heartbeat can become irregular. All electrolyte imbalances affect bloodflow and osmotic gradient, leading to edema/dehydration/hypertension, etc.

However, K and Na are especially important because they control all muscle function and nerve signals throughout the body. The heart is a muscle, and receives nerves signals from the base of the brain.

lynne f
Electrolyte imbalance can cause some severe heart complications. Get that checked out immediately!

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