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Get Well Travis and Adam!!!
What can happen if your blood sugar levels are above 350?

Jared S
This signals a major problem. Blood sugars that high over time can ruin your kidneys, leave you blind, and totally kill any sensitivity you have in your feet. Before any of that happens, if you aren't treated, you will likely go into a coma. If you have not been diagnosed diabetic, then you definitely need to see someone ASAP. If you have been diagnosed as diabetic and you are taking medication, it probably needs to be adjusted. There is no reason your blood sugar ever needs to be that high, and if it is happening that often, something definitely needs to be changed. I have only had one reading over 300 since I found out I was diabetic and had to go on insulin.

By the way, if you don't know, the best time to test your blood sugar is two hours after you begin a meal. It should be at it's highest at that time.

Oh just a diabetic coma, possibly death. If you are on insulin and took it recently and its still that high, it can signal a problem.
You really need to go to an ER or call your dr to find out more info.

At 350, is not a good sign. Above 350, you're asking for problems. In reality, there is no reason for your blood sugar to reach a level that high. You need either an adjustment in insulin or medicine (depending on whether you're type 1 or 2). Keeping your sugar at that level is only creating future problems for your body.

take your medication and drink lots of water and rest.
No need for the ER if you are in the 300's.
You should have already worked this out with your doctor.
If you have questions, call your endocrinologist.

If you've just eaten, for a diabetic that's normal. People without diabetes have normal numbers anytime they test (I've done that with my Mom). If you're over 350 and you haven't eaten recently you're hyperglycemic and need to take insulin with your next meal, knock off some of the carbs, or do some exercise. When I was diagnosed my sugars were in the 700s and (obviously) I didn't die because it was immediately put under control. So if it's a little over don't freak out.

depends on when they are that high. If you have recently eaten a meal loaded with simple carbs or sugars, then you can expect high sugars. If you have sugars that high when you haven't eaten in eight hours, then you are diabetic and need to see a doctor, untreated diabetes can kill you.

You could suffer a diabetic coma and it's possible that it could lead to death. If you have a glucose reading of 350 on a regular basis, then you need to alter your diet and see your doctor. You may need insulin. Untreated, diabetes can cause blindness, loss of limb(s) and death just to name a few.

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