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What can happen if you eat to much sugar all at once?
Please try to answer these questions... Does eating to much sugar at once feel like the same effect you would taking a drug... What are the harmful effects of eating to much sugar at once... My friend is 15 and she said she could eat tons of sugar cubes at once and she said she would prove it tomorrow and I am worried because she said she was going to eat 60 cubes within 6 hours so like ten an hour... What will her behavior be like please help.

wow your stupid

Your assh**e will itch.

The Doc
Well, provided that your friend isn't diabetic, she'll probably just get very, very hyper for a bit, then crash, other than that, there shouldn't be too many ill effects from eating sugar like that.

Odin M
She will lose the craving for sugar soon. I live in the tropics, I know how to spend a couple of days living on sugar cane (raw unprocessed sugar, I suffer badly from wanderlust and had to travel the country a lot on foot). My ancestors lived on a diet of banana shoots and sugar cane for over a decade when the big bad U.S. of A. invaded the Philippines.

Unless she's diabetic, I don't think too much sugar will be bad for her.

BTW, how big is one sugar cube? I'm more accustomed to sugar crystal/powder, the one that looks like salt in a shaker (the white variety at least, the red variety has much larger crystals).

DO NOT LET HER DO THAT!! It can't be good. I don't think the human body can take that kind of thing.

Hyperglycaemea, which 'aint a good thing'.

good fr her....its her body...if she wants to mess around then let her...when she gets to 200 lbs n taking insulin shots she will kno she shudnt have had all this sugar!


She might get a tummy ache, she might get really hyper and then crash .

Hey you should put it on youtube!

you can die from too much water aparently if you've been watching the news. i'm not sure what sugar does but i'm thinking about that squirel from over the hedge.

if you do it regularly and this is from personal experience you will develop a very high sugar count in your blood and might develop into an acquired diabetes type 2. i don't know what your friend is trying to prove but it is very unhealthy!

It can make your heart race. Strongly urge her not to do it and get help.

your friend could become a diabetic. sounds like she/he gets a rush from the sweets. she/he better watch it before the glucose gets to high and they will become diabetic

diabetes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabetes

Well when she eats them you probably wont see much of an effect maybe alittle hyper or somthin but no big deal. Its after wards with that much sugar she will probably have a sugar crash where the energy from the sugar is gone and she just gets really tired or passes out. She will most likely be ok me and my friends use to do it all the time pass out and wake up with a headache and tired for a long time.

Raw sugars like that will give you one hell of a sugar high. she fly high fast , but come down even faster. They are an empty calorie. if you do not stay active it will be stored in the body in the form of FAT!
Tell her Good Luck with that for me K

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