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What can cause a coma?
Well I know what causes a coma but can a coma be caused by any of these?

Loss of blood,
Child birth, or
Passing out?

Chris B
My fists of pain.

Unicorns farts can cause them to.

Dumb questions on Yahoo! Answers may cause a person to go into a coma.

Laura H
Are you asking this as a general question or are you asking this as related to the health category that it is in Diabetes?
Yes all of the things that you mentioned coudl cause you to go into a coma--but with diabetes, you have to look for warning signs as well. If your blood sugar gets too low or too high, you can go into a diabetic coma. The normal range is
70-120mg/dl before a meal and it should be 140 before a meal and that is what the ADA recommends. Visit the American Daibetes website for more information on this.
If you are asking about this as related to fainting. Go to www.ask.com and post this question there for response as well.

Mr. Peachy®
Loss of blood, if not remedied. The others?? I don't think so.

dances with unicorns
A coma might be caused by blood loss if it resulted in subsequent brain damage; pain, fainting, passing out, or childbirth in and of themselves are not causitive factors for coma. Coma is the result of significant brain injury.

pain, like that of childbright can cause you to faint, not go into a coma. Loss of blood can cause you to lose consciousness, which can lead to a coma...
Coma is caused by severe brain trauma, like swelling within the brain, or bleeding.
But,no, none of the reasons you say could cause a coma, except loss of blood, which you could die from.

Causes of coma:

* Diabetes. Blood sugar levels that get too high (hyperglycemia) and stay too high or get too low (hypoglycemia) and stay too low can result in a coma.
* Infections. Certain viral and bacterial infections can cause encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain, and meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes and fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Severe cases of encephalitis and meningitis can result in a coma.
* Organ failure. Liver failure may disturb your metabolism to a degree high enough to cause a coma. Kidney failure also may cause a coma.
* Reye's syndrome. This rare but serious condition that can affect the blood, liver and brain is linked to giving children aspirin and can result in coma.

Anatomic causes of a coma result in disruption of the normal physical structures of the brain responsible for consciousness. Often, alcohol is a contributing factor to injuries leading to an anatomic cause for coma. Some of the primary causes of injuries that result in a coma with an anatomic cause are:

* Transportation accidents
* Acts of violence, such as assaults and child abuse
* Suicide attempts involving firearms
* Sports activities

These injuries may cause a coma because of how they affect the brain. Skull fractures can result in pieces of the skull pressing into the brain. If a foreign object pierces the skull, localized injury to the brain can occur.

Fractures can also bruise the brain (contusion), causing brain tissue to swell. Damage to major blood vessels in the brain can cause bleeding into and around the brain (hematoma). Severe brain injury also can result from a lack of oxygen to the brain, common with near-drowning victims.

Anatomical causes of comas that aren't the result of physical trauma include brain tumors and strokes. When a stroke occurs at the base of the brain (brainstem), a common side effect is a coma.

These are the causes of coma. I don't think pain can lead into coma. Fainting, well, the reason why u faint is because of a stroke and you didn't wake up after fainting then that is coma.
Child birth? I don't think so. Unless something happened during delivery like too much anasthesia during a C section and the mother didn't wake up after that. Loss of blood will lead to hypovolemia or shock and if it is not treated thus the patient will die.

hope this help

Bay Point
A severe hypoglycemic episode.

I don't know about any of those, but seeing this question was asked in the diabetes forum, extremely high blood sugar can definitely result in a coma, and if left untreated, death.

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