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Susie G
What can I eat in a hurry to bring my blood sugar level down?
It has read 146 last night when I tested it. And 152 when I woke up this morning.

drink alot of water it helps to bring your sugar level down, you can also drink dite drinks but water is the best.

carpet guy
This is a great website for diabetics. You can post your Question there too

I eat a can of green beans, works every time. I don't know what the rest of you are talking about. Yes, and I drink lots of water. Tuna and boiled egg together has worked for me too. I would love to have your numbers!!

drink lots of water and go for a walk

If you are asking is there a herb or something along those lines, then cinnamon will help control your blood sugars, there is nothing you can eat, eating does the exact opposite.

drink plenty of fluids - water -and get out and exercise - that will lower your blood sugar.

exericise- only brisk walk helps but it should be regularly done. at the time of high blood sugar you must already be feeling low so dont try anything like this.

should go to diabetalogist and take prescribed medicines.

some indian remedies are used but they also produce effect over a long time not instantly.
you may take bitterguard juice but I dont know if it really brings down sugar level immediately.
some homeo medicines are also available you can try that after consulting a good homeopath

Craig W
Insulin. It sounds like you're insulin resistant, which means you need to see the doctor about treatment.

You will always test higher in the morning. Food in your stomach is not yet digested when you go to bed. During the night the food is digested, not to mention that during the night, your liver produces sugar (to get your through the night).

Don't eat before bed! If you test above 120 before bedtime, do some exercise before bed. That way, the number won't go so high overnight.

Go for a brisk 30 minute walk. Drink water. I found that walking for 30 minutes drops me anywhere between 30 and 35 points.

I was told to eat protein and drink water. Exercise does help, too.

The Doc
There really isn't any food that you can eat to take your glucose level down, but you don't really need to worry about it too much, although those levels are slightly higher than normal, they're really quite close and any changes that should be made to whatever regimen you're on should be minor.

i don't think there's any food that will do it.
drink lots of water and exercise. exercise is the best way
to bring it down according to the classes i took.

Eating will ALWAYS raise your blood sugar!
The best way to lower your blood sugar is to exercise. It may not happen quickly, however.
Keep in mind, your blood sugar will ALWAYS be higher in the morning, EVEN if you test before you eat.
I don't know if you are on insulin or taking pills, but you may want to consult your Doctor. He MAY increase your insulin or medication dosages.

Eating anything will only bring it UP never down!
Your body will use the food as your car uses gas to fuel your body not use it up.
So you will need to bring it down the next morning by either eating less, more insulin, less stress or a nice long walk. OR all the above
Questions you might ask yourself: What did you eat at that last nights meal or snack? that made it so high? AND did you do something about the 146 so it would not go up to the 152?
You can't change those numbers but start fresh and be determined that you will lower your number today!
Good Luck

Eating won't bring your sugars down. Medication and exercise will. It sounds to me like you're experiencing the "Dawn Effect" which means your blood sugar is rising over night. My sugars have been normal at night and over 200 in the morning. I have an insulin pump now which really helps with that.

I'd talk with your Doctor if you're really worried about this.

Doris D
food and water won't do it you will have to drink plenty of water and do a lot of walking and you may have to go up on your insulin if your on it probably the best advise it to ask your Doctor.

~♥ L ♥~
Keep al og and report the changes to your doctor. In the mean time exersise will bring it down. So get moving.

Actually Sue, 152 in the morning is not that bad- I've seen FAR worse. If you were 146 before bed and 152 in the morning, then you're blood sugars are going to come down throughout the morning.

As one answerer already mentioned, your BGL should soar during your sleep. So the fact that it only went up a few points overnight is good.

But there is nothing you can ingest that will pull your BGL down except medecine. (actually, the right alcohols can pull your blood sugar down temporarily, but later send it soaring, and they interact badly with diabetic medicines, so they're no good either.)

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