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What are things i can do or eat to help bring down my sugar?
im very young and have diabetes. i was diagnosed not that long ago, so everything is still new to me. what are things that i can do or take/eat to help reduce my sugar.... its been kind of high lately and i dont want to have to take insulin.

Outspoken but Honest
pasta porridge water and exercise

Exercise and eat lots of fresh vegetables. Cinnamon extract is said to be helpful also.

Find a physical exercise which you like and do it often (swimming, biking, jogging, whatever). Also try reducing to a minimum the fast food and the junk food. Go for healthier meals and include lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Also quit colas entirely if you can, otherwise go for diet colas.

Oats such as porridge are good as are all low glycemic foods. Exercise alot as exercise burns off sugar

To keep your blood sugar steady, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, don't eat anything white. Like white bread, pasta make sure its whole wheat or whole grain. Look at the labels to see what the first ingredient is. If it says enriched wheat flour that is still considered white. Make sure it says whole wheat or whole grain flour. Also make sure there is no high fructose corn syrup in anything you eat. It spikes your blood sugar and its bad for you. Make sure you exercise everyday it helps keep your blood sugar down. Avoid junk food and sodas. I don't expect you to do this all at once. Take it slowly and give yourself some little goals to achieve. If you have trouble avoiding all junk food, there is one junk food that is actually okay for you........Fritos....they are whole corn,oil and salt that's all. I suggest you start looking at ingredients of all foods you'll be surprised at what you are actually eating......Good Luck.........

go walking, jogging, or biking about an hour every day with a friend.

Eat a portion, about 3 oz cooked meat, and a nice salad and an apple for lunch.

Nothing wrong with taking insulin. I do!! I take several injections every day and oral meds too. But you will probably be started on oral meds first. There are several different kinds of pills that are tried before insulin injections for type 2 diabetes. If you were type 1 you would already be on insulin injections. They have no choice.

Why not go to the library in town and find a book called "Diabetes: The First Year" and read it. It is an excellent book and will answer a lot of your questions.

good luck babe!! contact me if you need more answers. I have lots of sites bookmarked.

Avoid eating processed sugars. That will be your main killer right there. If you want to have something sweet, try eating some fruit. That doesn't mean that you can't have any sugar at all, it just means that when you have some try not to eat too many other things that have sugar in them.

Are you taking any medication? I'm pre-diabetic and I take Metformin that helps to lower my blood sugar. If you are on medication, try not to miss any doses. I know when I do my sugar levels get wacked out and I am left either on a sugar high or sluggish and tired.

I'm 13, Type One, And I've had diabetes for a year and a half.

You need to make sure you take your insulin, you HAVE to do that.
Eat stuff with low carbs, and have alot of exercise.


Exercise is a huge help in controlling blood sugar. One teaspoon of cinnamon a day is supposed to help control blood sugar as well. Be sure you are getting plenty of water as well.

Be sure you're staying away from foods with high sugar content - sodas, candy,, really watch those carbs! try to stay away from processed foods - eat the food in it's most natural state (fruits, vegetables, meats, whole grains).

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