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What are the chances my child will be diabetic?
I am not diabteic but the dad is he has type 1 diabetes. what are the odds? Is it inherited? Do both parents have to have the diabetic gene?

People get it from not eating right and not exercising. If your daughter takes care of herself, she should be fine.

50/50...they will or they won't be.

Daniel L
Generally not inherited from the father yet diet and excersize play a large factor.

I am a Type 1 and all of my Dr.'s and my children's Dr. have all told me that there is only a 3-5% chance. But I also know a man who is type 1 and his 5 year old was diagnosed with it last year at age 5. But they/I were told that was a fluke thing.

Diabetes is not caused by not eating right and not exercising, I am an insulin dependent diabetic with a 9 month old, when I was pregnant with my son my prenatal specialist explained to me that the diabetic chromosome is carried by the male and that there is a 3 to 5 % chance that the child will inherit it. You should talk to you doctors and express your concerns, they are the ones that can help you the best.

The mode of heritability is not known for diabetes yet. While it tends to run in families, how this happens is not known. It is recommended that if you have a first or second degree relative periodic screenings are a good idea. It is also important to know the symptoms of diabetes. You might want to discuss this with your child's pediatrician to get suggestions.

carpet guy
This is a great website for diabetics. You can post your Question there too

From my understanding Type 1 is not inherited. Type 1 is NOT DIET RELATED.

If the father and many members of his family have it on his side, so might your kids. It doesn’t skip a generation. That’s baloney. As others said monitor him and encourage him to play sports outside instead of playing video games inside so he doesn’t get grossly obese which could cause him to get diabetes. There’s sort of a “cure” for people who have diabetes. It’s a transplant surgery where the doctors transplant new pancreas and kidneys to the diabetic patient. After the surgery, they’ll be free from diabetes. I’ve seen patients who received the transplant and they’re free from diabetes. Ask your family doctor about it. If your son has it (hopefully never) he and his father (if he’s young like me) are more likely candidates than my dad who also has diabetes but is in his 60’s.

Dirty D
Diabetes does run in families. I'd ask the dad if any other family members have a history of diabetes. There may be a good chance.

You might want to monitor him carefully. As you have mentioned, its all about the 'odds'. What you can do right now is to encourage him (your child) not to take sweet stuff and develope in him a habit of healthy living/sports.
There is nothing you can do for him if its inherited but you can always delay its onset through careful diet control.

nevada nomad
A doctor told me that diabetes can be hereditary.
My father's mother they believed had it, because he weighed 13 lbs. when he was born and she wasn't even 5 ft. tall.
My father had diabetes.
My mother's mother had diabetes
I have 2 older brothers and an older sister with diabetes
I have diabetes, originally it was hypoglycemia(low sugar) is changed in just a month or so, it can change fast.
I have a niece that is also diabetic.

Possible genetic risk factors

Patients with type 2 diabetes are more likely than those with type 1 to know of a relative with diabetes and, therefore, to believe that diabetes runs in the family. To some extent, the appearance of "clustering" of type 2 diabetes in families arises because type 2 is so much more common than type 1 diabetes in the general population: It accounts for 90 to 95 percent of the estimated 18.2 million cases in the country today. Moreover, the occurrence of multiple cases in a family may reflect shared environmental risk factors, such as obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

Genetics does, however, play an important part in determining who develops type 2 diabetes. Studies show that if one parent has the disease, children have a 7 to 14 percent chance of developing it. If both parents have type 2 diabetes, this increases to a 45 percent chance. If an identical twin has type 2 diabetes, there's a 58 to 75 percent chance that the other twin will develop it, too. By contrast, a person with no diabetes in the family has an 11 percent chance of developing type 2 diabetes by age 70.

While type 2 diabetes may have a strong genetic basis in some patients, the development of the disease in most people is dependent upon the effects of such environmental and behavioral factors as obesity and a sedentary lifestyle or an underlying susceptibility that is poorly understood.

Susceptibility to certain complications of diabetes also seems to be linked to genetics. However, careful blood glucose control is still an important mitigating factor.

Doris D
I really don't know the odds but diabetes is inherited and usually on the mothers side is what the Dr's. have told me and I've had it for 33 years and my daughter has had it for 5. and yes were both Type1's and both took it before our 12 birthdays me at 10 and her at 11

It will just depend on the make up of the child. They may or may not get that gene. I am a type 2 and I think (she won't admit if she is) that my mother may be. All of her relatives are. Both of her parents had diabetes. So far neither my brother or sister have become diabetic but they are just reaching the age where it might onset.

Jason W
Diabetes is passed from the mother. As far as being diagnosed later in life, that would have to do with diet. Make sure they stay healthy and you should be fine.

I am in the same situation as you. I have 2 kids, and the dad is type 1 (Juv). I actually went online this summer to look up "diabetic studies". SOmeone locally called me to have my 2 kids participate in a study. Type 1 does have genetic traits--although no one in my husband's family has it. A simple blood test show that one of my kids has one of the 3 "signifiers" that he is at higher risk for developing Type 1. My other son had none. SO they will keep monitoring the one (with) every 6 mo. to see what happens. SOmetimes -- they never develop diabetes. But this study is tracking these kids to see what the risk is. Another way to REDUCE the risk of type 1 in kids with a parent who is type 1 is to breastfeed over a year (no formula or cow's milk) and not to introduce cow's milk until 13-15 mo. old. (No yougart, ice cream etc). Hope this helps.

Beacause your dad has type 1 you have a smaller chance of getting it than you would if he were type 2. You also have to watch what you eat too because even if it isn't hereditary, you can still bring it on on your own. If both parents have diabetes then you have a huge chance of getting it and if anyone on either side have it then your chances increase. The more family members that have it, the greater you are of risk.

I have a niece who has been diabetic since she was 6. Neither of her parents have it and none of her grandparents had it. No aunts or uncles. So go figure.

There is a genetic profile for diabetes type 1. That doesn't mean that you or you child will always develop that disease though. It is encouraging to see that you are interested in this now.

You can get a genetic profile of you and your child for about $1000.00 I know that sounds like a lot of money but it is a really great tool to have. After your report is ready you will meet with a genetic counselor who can explain the risk factors for you and your daughter and what can be done with diet and lifestyle to minimize the chances of those genes being activated.

Best Wishes

BTW my DSL is wonking up tonight, So just Google the words "genetic profile" and you can find a lab near you.

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