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What are normal Blood Sugar levels in 2 or 3 year old healthy kid.?
Family history
1) Mom was diagnosed with type 2 at 38 years and started on insulin at 49 years.
2) Dad was daignosed with type 2 at 49/50 and went on insulin at 65.
3) One brother (out of two) was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at 9 years.
4) I had gestational diabetes in first pregnancy and was started on insulin from 12th week (started with 5 NPH). I had very good control during pregnancy though.
Tested 7 times a day. Made drastic changes to my diet. Very few times my levels were above normal. Target was 130 after 1 hour. and less than 90 fasting. I was within range 90% of the time.

My child's readings.

My kid is 2 1/2 year old now. Her 2 hour test was 115. Tested at home after dinner.

Her Dinner was,

1) White Rice cooked (2/3 cup)
2) peas and paneer curry
(Peas 2 about tsps,
cheese half ounce,
tamato + onion gravy 2tsp.)
3) Plain yogurt 1/3 rd cup.
4) Bite size snickers bar.

She took her main meal in about 25 mins and ate her snickers 10 mins later.

informative site

Rex B
Sounds normal for a child.


The best reading is first thing in the morning 90 is a good reading.. but the child had white rice that would elevate it to the 115. I don't think you should get paranoia over it. Just have the child checked once or twice a year by the doctor.

She's in the normal range, no worries.

She is within normal limits now.....better to get her used to a 'less sugar' food.

A huge misinformation is that children get type 1 period!! Type 1 is caused by injury or illness that kills the pancreas ability to produce insulin.

Uh! Why are you serving such high glucose level foods when you are at such high risk of developing type 2 diabetes yourself??

Get thee and thy family on low carb food plan that kept you in such good health during your pregnancy!!! It will not hurt the baby to not have high glucose foods at all. It will do you much good to do without those foods as well.

It makes for a happy healthy family if everyone learns to eat low carb! Sugar is a learned experience, it is not necessary to happiness.

If your child is thriving and not showing any symptoms of diabetes, then why are you checking her blood levels. It is totally uneccessary for you to be doing this. Yes, you have a family history..your mom and dads diabetes where caused by lifestyle factors, hence type 2 diabetes. Your brother, obviously has type 1 diabetes. Your gestational diabetes is common during pregnancy, but is an indicator that you may develop diabetes as your mom and dad did later on in life (although you can help prevent this with lifestyle choices). I can understand your concern, but its uneccessary unless you have been adviced to do so by the medics.

Normal for anyone - kids or not is approximately 90-145. Anything over 200 and you can look at diabetes as something to be investigated.

Having had gestational diabetes you do have a higher chance of developing T2 diabetes - exercising and watching what you eat can definitely make a HUGE difference.

A non-diabetic will have almost no fluctuation with their eating - whereas a pre-diabetic can.

In children that young - they will get Type 1 diabetes - or juvenille as some people call it.

115 is just fine.

Just look out for other symptoms. Excessing thirst, frequent urinating, lethargy without normal reasoning, sweet smelling breath.

Check out websites such as www.diabetes-book.com and read up on it more.

I am a type 2 diabetic diagnosed at age 39.

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