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Tony T
What's good for blood circulation?

Do you have a small trampoline? I had a friend who had blood pooling in his legs, and started jumping on the mini tramp, and the circulation improved enough for the blood to quit pooling. She kept it up and hasn't had the problem since.

massage before and after walking


Griselle L
Well, you could have a good quality of life (healthy food, exercise, etc).
We have two circulatory systems, Arterial and Venous circulatory systems. Exercise and diet is good for both but they have different risk factors.

Here is a list of risk factors contributing diseases for arterial disease.
1. Diabetes: Atherosclerosis (arterial disease) is more common among diabetics and occurs at a younger age. It causes hardening of the arterial wall in the legs. It causes higher incidence of gangrenous changes and, ultimately amputations.
2. Hypertension: Systemic hypertension is associated with a greater incidence of coronary arterial disease and increase the change of stroke.
3. High Cholesterol: because they are insoluble in water, elevated plasma liquid are closely associated with development of arterial disease. Notice that high cholesterol either could be genetically or associated to your diet.
4. Smoking: Studies have demonstrated that the chemical in cigarettes irritate the arterial walls in addition to causing vasoconstriction.
5. Other risk factors are age, family history, and male gender.

Now, once you have discover you already have bad arterial circulation you could exercise regularly and consistently to promote the development of collateral circulation. Stop smoking since nicotine has been shown to cause vasoconstriction.

Risks factors for blood clots in the veins (DVT, Deep Vein Thrombosis) are venous stasis, trauma/ damage to the vein and hypercoagulability. Prevent venous stasis by limiting long periods of inactivity. Various methods of promoting venous drainage include wearing support hose, elevating legs and reducing weight. Remember, when taking a trip that involve long periods of inactivity (like plane or driving) make sure you move your legs to promote venous circulation.

Daddy's girl
In excersizes : arobics,

in vitamins : niacin. or niacinimide(*time release)

Celia W
apparently exercise

hot peppers, elevating legs and exercise to get the large muscles squeezing all the blood back to the lungs and heart. drink fluids and stay away from the salt.

Stretching and exercising will do the trick.

Try dancing or shaking ^_^

Wise Rabbit

Its proven that daily intake of Vitamin E will help a good blood circulation and for rejuvination of skin cells.

Intake of Vit E depends on every persons reaction, so please consult a doctor first before taking it up, just for u to make sure if its safe, and for you to have alternative idea just in case vit e wont work for you

Exercise and massage.

Cardio-vascular exercise. Anything that gets the heart pumping good.

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