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Thirsty all the time??
i've been thirsty all the time lately. i drink water constantly and then end up peeing it all back out. i got a blood test and its not diabetes. anyone know why im so thirsty??

Brick Tamland
maybe your diet includes too much sodium

Normally when your thirsty it means your dehydrated...are you outside a lot? Do a lot of sports?

A thinking person :D
Polydipsia= excessive thirst
kidney problems

Patrick Bateman
It might help if you stop drinking all carbinated and caffienated drinks and alcohal for a while. Then your thirst may go away.

Jordan B.
well maybe you just prefer liquids...idk ask another doctor

too little water, drink more, it's summer so be hydrated

If your spending a lot of time outside that could be one reason. Another could be your pregnant. And another idea could be a thyroid problem. Go to WebMD and enter in you symptoms and it should give you some more specific information.

Bekki xo.
its wanting the water that it has saved up for ..

you proberly used to not drink so much .. and as your getting older you need to produce what you've not had.


Tasha D
Im the same way. It could be a lack of vitamins or dehydration. Just keep a water bottle with you and it should help your problem.

you could be thirsty becuase you are to stressed out

eating salty things
hot (dehydrated)
Or that ur body is addicted to fluids lol


maybe your just dehydrated. and peeing water after drinking it is normal. everyone does that. its because our bladder box is controled to our thirst so it pees its way out.

yhe Summer heat can bring this on...I thirst a lot also.

PanicJack C
what color is your pee if its yellow every time you pee you might be very dihidrated and if so and you throw up then you will need to go to the hospital

eating too much salty foods?

Miss Delanne
because it is summer and the hot weather makes you need more fluids.....just a guess here....

Well you may have a different form of diabetes called Diabetes Insipidus and rather than being linked to sugar in the blood it's actually linked to a hormone released from the brain.
This hormone controls the rate at which the kidneys filter your blood and therefore produce urine. If the hormone is working properly it stops the kidneys being too porous and letting the blood filter out lots and lots of urine. But, if this hormone level starts to drop the kidneys will become very porous and will let lots of urine pass through, and you can become very, very thirsty.

Hip Hop Tapper
You can be extremely thirsty for several reasons. I had your same concern and mine wasn't diabetes either. However, my PA helped me make some new discoveries:

1. Salty Foods - they naturally dehydrate you and if you really like salt, you can become thirsty ALL the time. That was one of my culprits.

2. Diuretics - I take a green tea supplement for water weight and this also makes you thirsty a lot.

Hope these two ideas helped you out some! Get hydrated!

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