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 Iam diabetic,what is the reason of gettingsinking feeling ,is it due ti low sugar or high ,pl, answer?
i am diabetic ,sometimesi get sinking feeling is it due to high or low sugar?i am taking medicine as advised by doctor ,...

 I am a diabetic can I drink a diet coke?and how many times diabetic goes to bathroom with in 4hrs?

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can diabetes be cured and if yes how and if not why....

 Diabetes symptoms?

 Diabetes ?
can it be inherited ( dont no if that how you spell it )

my granpa died from it , type 1
my dad has it : type 1
my uncle has it : type 1
and my mum has it : type 2

 My fault for havin Diabetes?
I have diabetes for 2 months now,I am 11 yrs old and i'm just wonderin y i got diabetes. Is it because i eat 2 much suger? my brother, friend, dad and uncle said cuz i drank too much pop>_<...

 Interesting facts on diabetes please :)?
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 My dad has diabetes and heart problems, he's been numb feelings for the past week, why?
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in a person wih ulcerative ...

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 How do you bring blood sugar levels down ,???????
Is it a case of gradual with right diet ,took my daughters bs cos she felt unwell it was 18.4.....shed not eaten for 6 hours as shed been sleeping...had something to eat and sugar went up to 20.3,......

 Which is worse, aids or diabetes?

 What id the best way to get your blood sugar down after it is elevated? If it is low you can eat an orange.?

 I recently checked my three year olds blood sugar and it was 230 This seems High too me is it?

Additional Details
this is actually a daycare child I have, she drinks sooooo much water during the day that I thought I would check it, my mother is a diabetic but wasn't sure ...

 I am diabetic. In the past two weeks my left foot began to tingle. What does this possilbly mean?

 What food to eat if you have constipation?
I know you should eat and drink more water, and grains, but could you give you me some recommendation for healthy, nutritious, and high in fiber, low in sodium food or snack?

Also, how ...

 Am I Diabetic? Please help?
Hmm. Before, I used to urinate 2 times a day. For the past week, I now urinate 4-5 times (almost every 4 horus) a day even though I still drink almost the same amout of fluids. Is this normal?

 Am I Diabetic?
My doctor just called me after doing a blood test and said I have a high blood sugar. I had eaten heavily and went to the doctor's office for a different purpose and suddenly he decided to do a ...

 What are the long term side effects of diabetes?

 When should a diabetic go to the emergency room?
When should a diabetic go to the hospital, when their glucose level is over 300, 400, 500, or higher?...

Should diabetics drink soda and eat candy?
I have been trying to get my diabetic wife to stop drinking regular soda and stop eating candy (M+Ms, Snickers, etc.) for a long time now. She is very overweight and I do not know how to explain to her that it is VERY bad for her. Any HELP would be appreciated! Links to websites about the ill effects would be GREAT. We have a 8 year old daughter and I want my wife to be around when she gets older. Thanks!!!

Cool Guy 4 Cool Yng Chick

No!! Could you try and get her diet soda and try different kinds of sugar free candy, if shes that addicted to the sweets. I was all about sugary candy and soda too when I got it but I switched over to diet soda right away and really, it tasted better! The thought of even drinking a regular soda makes me sick. I then stopped drinking pop all together and do not even miss it a bit. Any kind of sweets seem way too sweet once youre used to not having them anymore. You should really try candy and ice cream treats with splenda. Just go to the store and buy sugar free ice cream bars and see if she can tell the difference, theyre awesome!! But the overall effect of a healthier diet and controlled blood sugars will REALLY make her feel so much better and have a lot more energy which will satisfy her 100 times more than any candy bar or pepsi ever could, guaranteed! Good luck!!

If her own husband can't make her understand I am so very sorry to say we can't either. Somehow she needs to relize she is killer herself. I am a type 1 diabetic w/ 2 wounderfull children and a loving husband. i take care of myself for myself and for them. my father was a type 2 and he died when I was 15. For years he doctors told us he would be a healthly man IF he quite smoking, watched what he ate and lost weight. But he didn't and I spend my childhood watching my dad die. Good Luck

Doing what she is doing will guarantee one thing, an early death by organ failure, or the loss of hands, legs, eyesight.

Carroll C
she needs to quit now it wasnt good for me.I take another shot twice daily to control high bloodsugar levels Look into the shot form of Byetta from yuor doctors

Angry Jezabelle
I understand you want you wife healthy and well, but if she does not want to change her lifestyle habits, then all the information in the world won't help her. I'm sure her doctors have educated her on proper diet and medication management. If they haven't, then she needs to get a new doctor because her health could be in serious jepardy if she is consuming excess sugar. Good luck to you and your family. For some info on her illness try the American Diabetes Association link provided.

I know it's difficult to watch someone damage their health day after day. I live with a smoker and it's like watching him die right in front of me every time he lights up. Anyway, harping on her for her bad habits won't help, no matter how good your intentions are. Let her know up front how you feel about her poor habits and her health and leave it at that. If she asks for help, by all means jump at that chance. You can lead a horse to water, as they say, but can't make it drink. The same goes here.

╚ Alien Gurl ┐
You need to talk with her and let her know their are healthier food choices that taste just as good and get her to agree with it. It can kill her if she keeps eating the way she want. Diabetics need to watch their sugar intake.

American Diabetes Association link for health:


American Medical Association Website (direct link to diabetes articles): http://search.ama-assn.org/Search/query.html?qc=public+amnews+pubs&qt=diabetes

I hope these help. My mom is diabetic and I look these sites over all the time for help for her. Good Luck!!

Of course she shouldn't be eating that stuff. My Dad is diabetic and he just recently had a heart atack due to his diet and high glucose levels. Try to make your wife make changes before this happens to ger. She has a child that I'm sure she wants to see grow up. If she can just make simple changes like drinking water instead of soda and using 7 grain or oatmeal bread instead of white bread it can make a difference.

Why not suggest the family go for a 20-30 minute walk every other day. This will help lower your wife's blood sugars.

A good book for your wife wouldbe the Schwarzbein Principle. It's a diet plan for diabetics, though anyone can follow it. Even if she only did about half of the things in the book, there would be a huge change in how she looks and feels.

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