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Pickles ok?
Are pickles ok to consume if your diabetic? According to this site they are not, but I wanted to get second opinion.

Here's the site:

if u dont mind constant trips to the hospital...

kids and cats
If you're talking about dill or kosher dill, they are OK - you just keep in mind their high sodium (salt) content.
Gerkins, bread & butter pickle - those that are sweet would have to be calculated into your exchanges.

I have heard that they are, but check with your doctor.

Looking at that website sounds like it has some kind of holistic healing crap. They site no evidence or proof. I eat pickle all the time. I eat meat all the time. I do try to limit my carbs and sugars.

Eat also greans too.

Does the diabetic have high blood pressure? If not, pickles are ok.

why dont you ask your docter

Regular dill, sour, or half-sour pickles are fine. They're just the veggies with some vinegar, salt, garlic, and spices.

Stay away from sweet pickles or bread and butter type ones-those have added sugar.

If you're buying jarred ones - read the labels and see if there's sugar added in the ingredients.

Dr. Nick
If you are a diabetic, pickles should be avoided!

Sure you can eat a few ( 2 or 3) but not the whole jar . Pickle juice is great for heart burn.

im not shure ask a spiecalist

As a diabetic, I have also had high blood pressure and now renal failure & on dialysis. I stay far away from them.
A sliver or too won't harm you but even without the HBP the sugar and salt content should tell you there are not the best value for your health.

not the best thing really

Kimberly T
Becareful of the salt

♫Heather Luvs Incubus♫
my parents are diabetic they love pickles

there numbers are always good

so i would say yes

Apple Pie
No they are not the site is right!

t t
see ur doctor

Andrea F
No, most pickles are not okay if you are diabetic because they contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Read the labels - the only ones that don't have sugar are dill pickles. Good luck.

Well, this site looks to be a case of taking a series of truths and weaving it into something else.

Pickles are carbo, but not much, and most of tht would be complex and not a huge glycemic load. But it has SALT, and lots of it. If you are a diabetic with any degree whatsoever of kidney (renal) damage, especially if you have even micro amounts of protein in your urine; in that case, salt is the enemy. This is also true if you are a diabetic with high blood pressure (hypertension). But if your kidneys are good and blood pressure normal, it's a heck of alot better to eat a pickle than something deep fried or junk food or candy.

pickles are fine if you don't eat the whole damn jar. dill pickles would be best since they are not sweetened. anything can be worked into a meal plan. you shouldn't deprive yourself. pickles might be bad for you if you have high blood pressure because of the salt content. i eat dill pickles a lot in my tuna fish and on my salmon and they haven't caused me any problems. it's all an individual thing. eat a few and see how your body reacts.

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