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No Carbs, No Sugar for Type 2 Diabetes?
I was recently told by the doctor that I had type 2 Diabetes about 1 1/2 weeks ago. The doctor then prescribed for me to take Metformin at 1000mg a tablet to bring my blood sugar level down. I started taking them on 5/8 and my blood sugar level still hasn't come down below 300. I've eaten salads, drank water, and did mostly what the doctor suggested. It wasn't until yesterday when I went to the doctor again that I found out that I can't have any carbs or sugar. Also, I've come to find out that bananas had at least 12g of sugar, so I cut those out because I was eating like 2 or 3 a day.

My question is what can I really eat besides salads and such? I work for a paratransit company and I'm usually forced to sit all day driving so I can't really do much exercise until I get off of work. Not many restaurants where I live (Chicago) provide baked fish, chicken, or turkey. What else can I do?

Liss Reynolds
Protein. Meat, eggs, nuts...all of those are good for you, in moderation of course. Light string cheese is also good. Sunflower seeds. Things like those.

Ask your doctor about Glipizide and Actos

i,m on metformin 500mg and gliclazide 80mg i have just been diagnosed with type 2 as well, my bloods were 28.7 at first they have averaged out at about 7 now , i eat baked potatoes with reduced suger beans,lots of salads, ham thinly sliced,i find slimming bread is better,boiled new potatoes lots of veg and once a week chocolate as a treat but only a little,just eat sensibly cut down portions,have 4 small meals a day, no snacking in between drink diet coke or suger free drinks, very little alcohol and it will come down,good luck.


Diabetes.com | Diabetic Diet Information and Help With Meal Planning
Find diabetic diet facts, tips for planning healthy meals, eating on the run and adapting favorite recipes for people with type 2 diabetes at Diabetes.com.


My mom had Type II Diabetes as well, she had to cut out all Sugar, Carbs, and high salt foods. You are going to have to start packing your lunches, unfortunately in a lot of states besides Chicago there are not too many places that are affordable like fast food but cater to Diabetics or other disorders that mainly deal with nutrition. Here is a free Website that gives you a meal plan (food for every meal, every day of the week) that is catered to people with Diabetes http://www.actos.com/takeaction/healthyeating.aspx?gclid=CLv79r3zqJMCFSY1agodBnFGog

You can't survive without carbohydrates...if the doctor told you you can't have any carbs he is not saying this right. You should have been given a target number of carbs to eat per meal, say 30g as an example. Your body will starve if you try to exercise without carbohydrate...that's what gives you energy! Yes, bananas aren't the best choice because they are highest in carb, but a small apple only has 15g so that's OK. Meats and cheeses have no carb, so as long as you stay with lean stuff, you can munch on those. If the metformin isn't working, he can try some other meds with you, or have you start taking insulin by injection or a pump. Don't panic, it could be the best thing to happen to you because it's what your body is lacking, and it gives you more freedom! You must be exhausted with your BG over 300 all the time. Talk to your doc about seeing a diabetes educator. They can sit down and spend time with you to give you food suggestions based on the kinds of things you like to eat and your lifestyle.

Me too.... aarrrgghhh. It seems really hard at first, but you will be able to do it! There's lots of info on the Internet, but ask your doctor for a booklet that gives you the carbs in basic food. Ex: a slice of bread has 11 carbs, green beans have almost none... what I call a "free-food" as I can eat all I want of them. Then there are different kinds of carbs. Complex carbs like in whole grain breads will not have the impact on your blood sugar as "white" breads. Think: "white = bad".. white flour, white bread, sugar, potatos; these are the things to limit. Shoot for 50 carbs per meal and two snacks in between with no more than 15 carbs. Meat has no carbs, so you can eat any meat, all you want. When I order out I get a nice big salad with ranch dressing and a steak... almost no carbs! but you have to skip the bread and baked potato. Order things in "wraps" instead of buns and it will really cut down on the carbs. Some of our local (NC) fast food chains like Hardee's and Burger King offer low carb alternatives to their usual burgers on request... wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun... good, but messy! LOL! There are wonderful sugar-free treats out there like icecream that is really yummy! I've gotten used to Splenda in my coffee and tea. Your taste buds will get used to it to the point you wont even like sugar sweetened things. Give it time, it will happen!
One other thing... exercise!!! It will burn the sugar in your blood. The more you exercise the more you can have an occasional carb-worthy treat! Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator and park way out in the parking lot so you get a good walk back and forth.
Test your blood sugar a lot and learn what and how different foods effect your sugar levels.
Good luck!
Bonnie <><

first of all you CAN have carbs and sweets, just in very small amounts along with a balanced diet. Always be very concious of what you eat all the time. Get yourself int a regular exercise routine. Join a gym, ride a bike for an hour a day ( if you're not used to riding, start out with 20-30 min and work up), walk for an hour a day ( easy way to do that: walk ouit from your starting point for 1/2 hr then walk back) use stairs instead of elevator when onlu going up or down a few floors. Eat lots of vegs and whole grain and low fat meat (chick, turk fish) and 1or 2 drinks a day with a meal. (Alcohol lowers blood sugar)
Try thes and see if it helps

Your doctor should refer you to a diabetes educator who can answer all these questions. This person will set goals, help you to develop an eating plan that you can live with. Every diabetic is different and our bodies react to foods differently. For me, limited carbs (but not total banning) and exercise helps keep my blood sugar controlled.

First, the Metformin takes several weeks to start showing any major affect on your blood sugar (bs). Stick with it. It is a good idea to cut out the high carb foods, I call them the white foods - sugar, white bread, white pasta, until you get your sugars done nearer 100.

But once you get better control then you can go ahead and add some sugar back to your diet.

Stop drinking diet beverages and everything else with aspertain, splenda or the other fake sugars. They all slow your metabilism and actually help gain weight. Also keeps your system from using sugars correctly. Go to a health food store where they sell natural sugar substitutes that you can put in your coffee and tea and stuff.

Make yourself a couple sandwiches for lunch using whole wheat/grain breads. Ortho makes a double fiber bread that is really low in carbs because of the fiber.

Yep, pck a lunch and use one of those insulated bags so you can take yogurt and cheese.

Go on line and find a book that covers Glycemic Indexes. This book will guide you clearly on what to eat. It also gives you some ideas on "if you eat this high carb food at lunch, eat some of this food to counter balance the other food."

You will see through Glycemic Indexes that foods that show as high sugar quite often really are not. Many, many fruits, melons, berries show as high sugar but with the Index they are fine to be eaten (maybe with some moderation).

Hang in there. Eventually you will find you can eat whatever you want...candy, cake, ice cream, you just have to be careful and prudent.

With a blood sugar level of 300, you need more than just Metformin.

Also ask your doctor to send you to a nutritionist so you can learn about diet.

just get the grilled chicken without mayo, fruit cup not a lot of fruit it has natual sugar

It take time for the meds to lower your blood sugar. It could take 2 or 3 months. You can have carbs, but they should be good carbs. Stay away from white bread, and anything made with white flour including pasta. No white rice or white potatoes. You need to get a dietitian or nutritionist to help you. 45 grams of carbs at each meal are the normal. Each serving being 15 carbs. Then 2 snacks at 15 carbs each. You can also eat lean cuts of beef. Beef has no carbs, and chicken does. Bananas have lots of carbs too. Fruit is something that is best kept out of the diet except in very small amounts once in while. The really raise blood sugar. Here is what my nutritionist suggested for me and many others. The South Beach Diet. It will teach you about good and bad carbs, and will give you lists of food you can and can't eat. It does not count calories or carbs, and does not raise the ketones like the Atkins diet can. It is a very healthy, safe diet for a diabetic to follow. You can get a paperback copy at Walmart for around $12.00. Drinking water does very little to bring down blood sugars. When I was diagnosed it took my blood sugar 5 months to stabilize. It was really hard sometimes because it was all new. I was also on metformin. Just be patient and eat a good diet. Get some exercise when you can. Sign up for some diabetic educational classes.

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