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My wife went into a diabetic coma before waking up this morning. Can anyone please give me some suggestions?
on what she should eat for the next week or two and how much until we can schedule an appointment with a dietician.
Thank you.

-) Stop drinking carbonated sodas
-) Eat 3 meals a day, not 10
-) Sleep 8 hours a night, not 1 & a half
-) Drink more water
-) Lay off so much sugars
-) Eat more vegetables
-) Drink Ensure
-) Exercise 15 min a day, 3 times a week. Moderately.

That's Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

make sure she doesn't eat stuff with sugar in it
mostly fruits veggies and if she takes another seizure
lay her in a position where she wont harm herself=preferably on her side

Aldo 78522
if your wife slipped into a diabetic coma, pray that she gets out of soon. If she went into one from uncontrolled blood sugars (way too high), she will be given insulin until it goes down to acceptable levels, if she went into a diabetic coma from lack of insulin, there is something given to her to elevate it. When your wife is stable and healthy enough to go back home, follow up with her doctor and she needs to follow strict indications on her dieting, taking meds on time and exercise. I'm sure she will be fine.

My advice, is that your wife needs to see a medical specialist not a dietician. This is an extemely dangerous and life threatening position. Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons that people slip into a diabetic coma, such as, inadequate treatment, failure to take prescribed medications, or take them correctly, excessive food intake, but more frequently, infection, surgery, trauma or other stressors on the body that increase the body's needs for insulin.

Your wife's levels have probably not been kept under close supervision, otherwise, this should not have happened.

Warning signs for a diabetic coma, for future reference, are: a dull headache, fatigue, extreme thirst, stomach pain, nausea and/or vomiting, dry lips & mouth, flushed face and sunken eyes. Please keep note of these warning signs so you can clearly notice any early changes.

If her levels do drop to a dangerously low level and she starts to get sleepy the first thing you should give her is something sweet ie. a chocolate milk drink or strawberry one, chocolate of some kind, a jam sandwich. Once she has eaten or drank something like this her levels will climb almost instantaneously.

If levels are not kept under strict control, as we age, it will start to take its toll. There are numerous body organs that will be seriously affected if diabetes is not taken seriously. These include, heart, kidneys, liver, eyes , to name a few.

Please take your wife to a medical specialist who caters for diabetic patients. She needs specialist supervision & care.

I keep my fingers crossed for both of you.

Your wife doesn't seem to be testing her blood sugars frequently enough. It's very difficult to answer this question without knowing what medication she is on. Does she take insulin? What type and how many times a day? Has she had the flu, which can cause blood sugars to go haywire?

You need much more than an appointment with a dietician. You need to go to her doctor and get advice asap, including sample menus and better teaching regarding blood glucose testing.

Look at this site to get some of your questions answered, but don't put off seeing a professional for 1 or 2 weeks if she is that poorly controlled. http://www.lifeclinic.com/focus/diabetes/diet.asp

pbr p
Diabetic coma can be caused by blood sugars that are too high or too low. Either can be a life-threatening situation.

Closely monitoring of the blood sugar during the day, strict adherence to the diet your wife received, and properly taking medicines should help prevent diabetic coma.

Laura H
If it was truly a diabetic coma, you would have had to have gotten her emergency treatment right away. This is nothing to play around with. Diabetes is serious business. Do you really love her? Did you call her doctor about this.

If she is a diabetic, then she needs to be eating at least 3 meals a day with a carb count of 45-60gms of carbs per meal and she needs to take her medication on time and not miss any doses of her medicines.

You need to have her seen about though seriously. Most patients that go into a diabetic coma, are not able to be awakened really quick. Please visit the site www.webmd. com and type in diabetic coma and read this.

I think maybe your wife had a reaction, but from what you have stated here, do not think that it was a coma at all.

You needed to elaborate on the symptoms that your wife had prior her going into the coma.

be sure she tests her blood sugar before bed. that is most important. was her sugar high or low. when she does not wake up.. or starts sweating or mumbling in her sleep you need to test her right away. get a gluco-gun and keep that in the house. her doctor will write a rx for this. it is straight sugar that you inject into her. there are great diabetic bars out they are called extend. go on the site extendbars.com.
they do not raise your blood sugar, but they keep it level for 8-9 hours. so if her blood sugar is in a good range before she goes to bed, she should eat one of these bars and you can rest assured that she will wake up.
go to the drs. with her ... you need to be aware of what to do.
you are in this together and please be patient with her....

How do you know she was in a coma ?
Is she still in the hospital ?Is she awake ?

What did her doctor say when he/she saw her in the ER ?
There are just so may unanswered questions.
What should she eat ?! Well, the hospital will feed her now until she gets home.
You need tons of info right now.
Neither of you know how to treat diabetes ?
This is so confusing.

mrs wilson54
you need to get her to a hospital as soon as you can they will handle the rest

What do you mean she went into a coma? If she went into a coma she needs to be in the hospital!! Call 911!!

Carrie C
If you do not have a glucose monitor then get out to walmart to get it. There are many warning signs. Obviously eating is a good idea, since your wife went to sleep with a blood sugar too low to sustain sleep. Crackers at bedside, tetra juices, and glucose tablets (Walmart) would be helpful.
Besides that, it is a balanced diet of about 30mg(?) carb for breakfast, increase at lunch and increase to about 60 at dinner.
So it means a normal portion of a pasta dinner should work out well. Undereating is an issue at night since you will sleep through a low.
However, a coma..My DH has had some thrashing. At about 1 on the meter, there are signs..of course you could have slept through them, but there are even recovery signs for patients.
Good luck, get a meter.

This is too important to be asking non professional advice.

u need to def talk to the hospital this is serious!

Gods Son

I love this web sight so don't take this the wrong way but this is not the place to get medical advice from. There are medical personnel in every town and burg across this great land of ours. Please take your wife somewhere where they know what they are doing and don't take your medical advice from here. If you want to know what to do for a runny nose it is one thing but a diabetic coma is something else entirely.

Please seek medical attention now.

First, don't wait for the dietician, rather go to the emerg at the hospital and see a doctor. Second, have her ingest as little sugar as possible, and this includes carbohydrates, until she sees the doctor.

Someone in a diabetic coma usually *won't*/can't wake up or come out of it on their own. This is a life-threatening (potentially FATAL) emergency due to either severely high or low blood sugar. This is not like epilepsy where you can turn the person on their side and wait for them to wake up.

Next time please call 911 if you have not been trained what to do. Also, please make an appointment with her DOCTOR or DIABETES NURSE EDUCATOR ASAP.

Severely high or low blood sugar can be fatal and/or brain/organ damaging.

It sounds like your wife needs urgent medical help now. Do not delay.

Brian Gonzalez
Go see a doctor or pay a visit to the emergency room! Only they can give you advice after examining the details of your case (no one else should give advice because it would be unprofessional since they have not examined your wife or studied as much as an endocrinologist).

If she went into a coma she should be in the hospital. They will give her the best care.
You really need to learn how to better care for her so she can live a better life.
I know you are doing the best you can but you need to do better or she could die.
If the doc will not see you go to the ER, they will help you give her what she needs.
Good luck.

You need to seriously consult a Doctor and get support for this. Depends on her levels also ~ Do they not give you a Diabetic resource person? Ensure you get all the help you can ~ Don't be afraid though, it is usually not a 'bigee' once you get used to it.

A diabetic coma is when diabetes is so poorly treated that the blood sugar goes to extremely high levels.
Insulin shock is when too much insulin is given and the blood sugar goes to very low levels.
True diabetic coma is treated with hospitalization and adjustment of diet and therapy.
Insulin shock is treated by administering sugar (glucose) and making sure that meals are eaten and insulin administered as instructed.

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