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My maternal grandmother also had diabetes. What are the chances that I will develop it at some point? What can I do to prevent it? How should I modify my diet?

creep show
Type 2 is not genetic. Just don't be a pig and exercise.

there's always a chance for u to get the disease since it's in the blood line. But if u live healthy, u might just be able to prevent it. Cause type 2 Diabetes is more like a lifestyle disease. Exercise more and try to cut down your calories. Try avoid refined sugar, fattening & oilly food, colas, rice and all those starchy food. Take more vege and high fiber food. Be careful with fruits also, some fruits are very sweet and low in fiber, avoid those also.

I agree with the first answer that type 2 isn't genetic. When I was pregnant with my first son, I developed gestational diabetes. They said that since I developed that, I'm at a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes, but with my other 2 boys, I didn't develop the gestational diabetes. The doctors simply told me to exercise more and try to eat healthy. It had nothing to do with how I ate or how active I was before I was pregnant because I was active and always ate healthy most of the time. Sometimes people develop these things because of changes in their body. Mainly not enough insulin production or sometimes too much insuline production. When things like this happen, our bodies don't break down enough of the sugar in our bloodstreams or breaks down too much sugar in our bloodstreams. Just take good care of yourself and eat right and exercise. These are the key goals to help prevent diabetes. If you're really concerned or curious about it, you can learn more by asking your doctor next time you go in for a check up or for whatever. Hope I was somewhat helpful to you. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Well, type 2 may not be genetic but 3 of us 4 kids have it, my grandfather had it and my daughter is prediabetic. So explain that. I understand that you can help hold it off with diet and exercise but if you have the predisposition for diabetes it will probably develope at some time or another later in life. I was in my 50's.

Be very careful. No one in my family has been diagnosed with diabetes and yet I got it. I look at very old family pictures tho' and I see women with thick waists. All those apples-as I am. That is one of the signs that your body does not use insulin properly. My doctor told me that I am one of those people that in time of famine, I would be the one to survive. I'm one of those that when I diet, my body shuts down and I lose very slowly. Unfortunately, this is anything but a famine. I believe that the tendency is inherited, not random. It may not be proven but the way your body handles insulin/glucose well could be. Doctors are just starting to realize that the insulin/glucose process in your body is the reason so many people are overweight. My advice is learn how to eat, read Dr. Sears book on dieting because he talks balanced meals and prediabetic symtoms. It also has a list of foods and how they affect your sugar. Read everything you can get your hands on and check the internet. If someone had told me years ago that my ability to store fat in my stomach rather than my butt, that constant trouble with bleeding gums, the fact that I'm always hungry even tho' I'm full are all signs of the future diabetic. Your best bet is prevention. Learn how to eat way before your sugar starts elevating. Even if you aren't "scheduled" to get it, what you do will prolong your life and make you a much healthier person. Do not overeat (do portions seriously and always) and do not eat all carbs. What you learn can help your mother. If she's like me, she's gaining weight and likes to eat. You must control your portions and your carbs. Keep your weight down and exercise regularly-even if it is just a walk. With the knowledge you can become a support system for your mother and help yourself in the process. Have regular eye check ups and go to the dentist and take very good care of your gums. Basically, eating is small portioned meals and your carbs need to be green. Don't eat white. Lay off the sweets and wean yourself from soda-even diet stuff is not good for you. Do not let your mother think-it's not too bad, I can cheat on my diet. The longer you wait to control it, the more the disease has progressed. Don't wait until it's imperative to stop because the disease just keeps coming at your body and you are more resistant to insulin. It's a terrible slow killer. The best to you and your mom.

tru tru tru
Why are people saying that Type 2 diabetes is not genetic? That is absolutely incorrect. One of the first questions that a doctor will ask if you present with any diabetic symptoms is about family history of diabetes. Why? Because risk of developing Type 2 diabetes is raised if others in your family have it!

Sandra B
Type 2 is genetic, and there are chances you could develop it, but you keep it off if you look after yourself. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat properly and get exercise (walking is a good form of exercise, you don't need to do the gym thing) Keep yourself active and if it does happen you have a better chance of controlling it.

Oh yes I have Type 2, my mother had it, most of my brothers and sisters have it...THEREFORE IT IS GENETIC

Yes, you are at increased risk. All these answers that say it's not genetic are dead wrong.

The genes have been identified. It is believed that there is a pre-existing genetic link that is then exacerbated by lifestyle (although not always - sometimes a person can do everything right and still develop diabetes).

Your best defense is exercise, generally healthy, well-balanced, low-fat diet, and maintaining a normal weight. Early screenings would be a good idea, too.

Below is a website about the genetics.

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