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My glucose level is 77 i ate a spoonful of chocolate did i do the right thing or should i have gone to the ER?

why? That's a normal reading. Unlike what some say here, 70-110 is perfectly normal.

77 is more like on the brink of being low but not a reason to go to the er. Chocolate has fat in it, fat slows down the progression of the sugar. Suger and everting else has to be converted to glucose in the liver, so you need a sugar that will convert quick. Like juice, sugar water, someting like that. But 77 was not too low, if you were lets say 55 or 45 then you need to take in some sugar that acts much quicker. I am a type 1 diabetic and for me at 77 I would eat someting but not be as worried as if I were in the 60's or less.

77 mg% is a normal blood sugar. What is the fuss?

If your blood glucose is 77 then you don't need to go to the ER. You did the right thing however I would have used something besides chocolate, but thats okay. test in like 20 min. keep it under control and don't let it get out of had so you do have to go to the ER.

77 is not bad for a glucose level. Are you diabetic? If you feel the symptoms of low sugar ie hot flash feeling faint always drink orange juice with sugar

Some people on here are saying 77 is a hypo, and some are not. This is to do, largely, with them always changing the numbers.

I've had diabetes for most of my life. And the acceptable range has changed several times. Not by a lot, but it can be confusing to some people.

If your BSL is a little on the low side (77 for example) and you feel fine, don't worry about it. But if you are having hypo symptoms, then yes, you should treat it as a hypo before it gets any lower.

Chocolate isn't really ideal to treat hypos as it doesn't work like sugar - there's a delay, as someone else has explained before me. Stick with glucose tablets, jelly beans etc (not too many, ask your doctor if you're unsure how many) and follow up with a complex carb - a sandwich, meusli bar, toast, etc.

As long as you are conscious, there is no need for the ER.

Doris D
You done the right thing if you were at 77 just eat a little something sweet and you can bring it up yourself there's no reason to go to the er for that. Way to go! you might want to retest your blood sugar about 15 minutes later to make sure it went up after eating the chocolate.

you don't need to go to the er for 77. The chocolate will bring it up. Check your level again in about 15 min. In the mean time eat something substantial like a small ham and cheese sandwich, or something containing protein like peanut butter.
I keep regular jellybeans around for my lows. As well as frozen orange juice, a teaspoon full straight from the can will bring it up, but you always need to follow up with some protein to keep it there or it will bottom again.
Ask your DR. where he wants you but I believe according to the American diabetes foundation that it is supposed to stay above 80. Most people will begin feeling "low" around there. If you normally run low you may not know want it feels like to actually be in the normal range. If you are a diabetic and are currently running too high even the low 100's or 90's will feel "low" until your body adjusts to being back within normal ranges.

Why did you think that 77mg/dl was a bad thing? That blood sugar is actually considered a standard for normal fasting sugar. Now, if it was 40mg/dl, that's another question. Go eat your chocolate. Unless fasting blood sugar norms have changed, it is 70-100 mg/dl.

Jesse's Girl
77 is a perfectly normal glucose level.

77 is a normal blood sugar so I am not sure why you are concerned. Normal blood sugar range is usually 70-110.

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