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My friend tested his blood sugar 2day it was 247. Should he see a doctor?
The pastt 4 days hes been waking up dizzy and hes been having problems with dizziness throughout the day. I suggested he test his blood sugar because hes had problems with hypoglycemia and anemia before. We tested it two weeks ago and it was 108. His sugar today was 247. He hadn't eaten yet and had been awake a few hours already. Should he see a doctor? If so; in the meantime what can he do to lower his blood sogar without meds when its high?

Plain and simple he should see a doctor.

Absolutely, he should. Your friend is diabetic. You might do some research on cinnamon. Although I'm not that familiar with the studies, it is thought to mimic insulin.

The normal is 80-120 if it gets higher soon than you should.

If he has never been diagnosed with diabetes before yes, he should go to see a physician. If the blood sugar is done with fasting at least 8 hours and greater than 126 it is diagnostic of diabetes. Repeat random ones greater than 200 suggest diabetes and will need a fasting one for diagnosis. Dizziness and other symptoms are non specific for diabetes.

Is your friend drinking more liquids or eating more than normal, urinating more frequency, always feeling thirsty? Those are other symptoms.

Diabetes can cause much harm if not properly managed. Long term it increases your risk of having a heart attack and stroke, causes poor wound healing, can harm your kidneys, can lead to blindness, decreased sensation in your feet. It is a slow thief that can rob you of your health in many ways.

In the mean time, aim for a no concentrated sweet diet. Avoid things that have a lot of simple sugars especially candy, regular soda, juice.

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/diabeticdiet.html may give you some help with the diabetic diet.

he definitley should watch it for another day and if it gets worst he needs to make a doctor visit, you said he has a history of hypoglycemia it could be going both ways now so he could possibly have type 2 diabetes since its not that high unless its steadily increasing.

Go to the Doctor, if he don't an ambulance is liable to haul him there.

Do not attempt to "treat" your friend in any way.
He needs to see a doctor asap . If you "treat "him, it will alter the tests he must have.

You are a good friend.

your friend should definitely go see a doctor....

get an appointment quickly...

If his hands were clean, the meter was properly calibrated (and accurate), and the right code for the test strips was used, then yes, he needs to see a doctor. Even with the 20% variation, he is WAY over the limit for normal fasting BG.

I would recheck all the steps I gave you. If his reading is still high, make a Dr.'s appt.

He is obviously still making some insulin, so even if he is developing Type 1 diabetes (the non-preventable insulin dependent kind), so don't panic just yet. We can't stop this form, but following the diet recommended for Type 2 diabetes may help in the meantime. If your friend has Type 2 diabetes, a healthy diet, weight loss, and exercise can make a huge difference.

I do not recommend exercise if his BG's are high (especially if he is developing insulin deficiency-that can lead to dangerous ketones), but following a diet of mostly low carb veggies and lean meats may help reduce the spikes.

See the doctor as soon as possible, and go from there.

bonsai bobby
See Dr. immediately.... in the mean time ..very low sugar foods-no fruit..low carbs--high protein and fat. his adrenals and pancreas is already stressed enough.

ps book suggestion:"The Ph Miracle for diabetes" by Dr. Robert O.Young

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