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Fat Boy Slim
My dad has a blood glucose fasting level of 220 mg/dl.Does it mean he's got diabetes?
he is not obese and has a bmi of 20!!! but his cholestrol values are out of range but triglycerides are within range.His doctor has prescribed insulin injections. IS THIS A CAUSE FOR WORRY?
Additional Details
he is not obese and has a bmi of 20!!! but his cholestrol values are out of range but triglycerides are within range.His doctor has prescribed insulin injections. IS THIS A CAUSE FOR WORRY?

and he is a vegetarian

yes he probably has diabetes. that is too high for someone who has a working pancreas. no need to worry though, he will just have to start treating it. good luck!

Yes. If he seriously reduces his pork and beef intake the cholesterol will drop like a stone.

Mine dropped 50 points.

no.do not be worry. just do what the doctor said.diabetes does not just happen in fat people.we have 2 kind of diabetes.your father has insulin linked diabetes.means his beta cells do not produce insulin enough and he must get insulin.just do what the doctor says.playing sports and drinking enough water and eating healthy food can be useful.

heather b
Yes, that pretty high for fasting. With a change of lifestyle and eating healthy. Foods that contain less sugar. Your father should be able to control his health. At least you found out now. GOOD LUCK to your family...................

Yes, he has type 1 diabetes. (The fasting blood glucose of a normal person should be below 110mg/dl) Dont worry, keep on taking the insulin everyday and watch his diet, he should be ok.

That is a high blood sugar.I'm sure his Doctor can explain what type and how to control it.

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