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My blood sugar level 176?
I went for my physical the other week ... diabetes runs high in my family so I always ask to be tested .. Now in my work i have worked with clients that have diabetes.. but its been a few years ago... but when the doc told my level was 176 after fasting I WAS SHOCKED... he just kinda glanced up at me when he said it but didnt make any more comments.. Isnt that high?

The Ang
176 is VERY high for a fasting test! My doc doesn't want to see anything over 95 fasting and nothing over 120 2 hours postprandial (after eating). Get a referral to an endocrinologist!
Best wishes!

The sugar level is high.
This needs to be controlled with an adequate diet regime, in which a lot of fibre is included. Try carrots,whole wheat products, fruits and vegetables.
If you are looking for health the herbal way, try foreverliving products aloe vera gel 60ml three times a day.You also need chromium, which helps regulate sugar levels in the blood.This should be chromium Picolinate, which converts the carbo hydrates ,fats,and some protines into sugar and later on into energy.
For further information, contact me.

That is high for someone without diabetes. Normal blood sugar should be 80-120. My son has type1 and he is supposed to keep his levels between 80-180. If you are worried you should see an endocrinologist, regular doctors don't always treat type2 aggressively enough.

Yes you are diabetic
If you use drug from doctor your kidney will demage and you will have blood cleanner

so you must be carefull

just be relax every time

stop drink coffee
stop smoking
stop drink alcohol

minimize to consume eggs or meat,
eat fish, consume fish which have scale

eat many tomatoes as much as possible
eat many cucumbers as much as possible
eat much green vegetables as much as possible

drink mininum 1,5 - 2 litres pure water a day
do any sport 4-5 days a week

and you will be healthier.

God always bless you. Amen.

S.A.M. Gunner 7212
Yes ! you need to get this under controle before it gets any worse!
You should get another Doctors opinion on this. You know as well as I do Diabetes aint nothin to fool around with!

Yes my friend you are diabetic. Avoid eating sweets and rice.
Walk a lot and exercise. I hopefull you can control it.

along with some of the suggestions below..drink lots of water and walk

Yes thats high. My mother just found out she has diabetes and they told her her level needs to be under 100. 70 - 100 is normal.

yes your blood sugar is above normal.Over 120 is considered abnormal.You should have further testing including a glucose tolerance test.Your doctor was negligent in not ordering further testing.

Yes you are a diabetic to be a diabetic your sugar must be over 150 to take insulin is has to be over 200.176 isn't high but to lower it without any medication you have to excerise hope it helps

yes that is high, especially after you have fasted.....normal sugar is between 80-100, a little over 100 is ok too...like up to about 115-120. try and cut most of your sugars out of your diet. wheat bread instead of white, no pop.(diet actually is worse for you) no peanut butter, orange juice ( really alot of other juices too). good luck to you!!!

Ayurvedic Doctor
There are lot of methods to normalise the blood sugar levels.
They can be use of alternative treatments or allopathy medicines.
Some easy methods are :
herbal medicines and herbs
avoiding sugar and some foods
some vitamins can also help
there are certain fruits herbs and juices which are very helpful

Other treatments are be -
diet control
dry friction
cold / neutral hip bath

As a nursing student and mother of a diabetic I said Wow what a question with some inaccurate answers hope you are not even more confused. The American Diabetes Association has tons of info on the internet. You should be conserned by a 176 number because the numbers have been changed to a max of 120. A doctor who specializes in diabetes is called a endrocronologist that is who you need to see they will repeat the test and if say you were high because of high fat meal night before they will know it was a fluke, I get tested every year and have changed my diet with a diatician because I had Diabetes while pregnant doctor says I can prevent onset with diet and exercise and my new life style so far so good. Also there is a study going on that test your blood for the antibodies that cause diabetes and it is free. Type 2 diabetics go undiagnosed because their body still makes insulin so they do not see all the symptoms. If you feel you urinate a lot, are always thirsty, shake, feel lightheaded or hungry, suffer frequent headaches or just feel run down like you got the flu. Since you have family risk keep up the good work and watch yourself like you have see the doctor even if it is just for peace of mind. Good luck

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