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My blood sugar has was 172 after i used my wifes tester i'm not diabetic should i be worried?
I had some iced tea before the test can i bring my level down?

How long after you last ate or drank before you tested? If it's less than 90 minutes, don't stress. More than 90 minutes from the time you last consumed anything and your sugar was 172 - it's worth seeing a doctor to check things out.

No your blood sugar should be between 80 to 120 but if your blood sugar 172 then I would go to the ER right now and get cheek out cause you could be a diabetic do you pee alot?

Steve B
well.......you are certainly borderline.....the best thing to do is ask MD to do a fasting glucose and a 2 hour post-eating or glucola, glucose,both same day......this will show if sugar is high in mornings and after a big meal......if the fasting is normal and the 2hour is 140-200 you are glucose intolerant and may be beginning type 2 diabetes..normally this can be diet controlled and watched every 3 mos. w/o medicine...good luck.....

Go see your internist.family practitioner.

Surviving or Living?
Did you wash your hands first?

Your blood sugar will fluctuate throughout the day, your body will bring it down naturally. If your concerned about diabetes, check it when you are fasting. (nothing to eat or drink after midnight). It should be around 60-110 or so. Some symptoms to also consider, excessive thirst or voiding. (urinating). At your next physical, ask for basic metobolic panel or hemaglobin A1c, your doctor should be able to guide you from there. 172 not bad for not fasting.

One of the first things you should do is make sure your hands were clean before testing. Lotion, sugar or any other sweet liquid may have been on your hands before testing.

You do not need to run off to the ER. However, I would suggest calling your doctor after a second test and inform him of the results if they are above 130. A fasting blood test will be done or a glucose tolerance test. This should give you definitive results.

I'd definitely keep an eye on your blood sugar to see if it goes back to normal. It probably wouldn't hurt to see a doctor, though just to make sure. Because if it turns out you are diabetic, your blood sugar is going to rise, and you will need medication.

Richard D
Questions- How do you know that you are not diabetic, how soon after drinking the iced tea did you do the test and relax, one test of 172 will not kill you.

It depends when you ate last and what you ate. You should wait at least 30 minutes after eating a meal before testing. Are you displaying any symptoms of diabetes or were you just curious? if you have been more thirsty more then normal or urinating frequently or if you have changes to your skin then you should see a doctor - he/she might consider doing a glucose tolorance test.

You do not need to run to the ER just yet.
Regardless of what you ate or drank, your sugar should not be that hi .
Make an appointment with an endocrinologist within the next week or so.
Also keep a track of your sugars on a random basis.
Good luck.

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