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My Mother in law won't take care of herself. She has diabetes, what do we do?
She is 62 years old and has had diabetes for years now. She won't check her blood, her feet are horrible, and she is loosing the use of her left leg. We are getting ready to move and have decided to move her with us. My question is first do we move her into an assisted living place, or get her a house? Second, how in the world do we (my husband and I) get her to take the disease seriously and take care of herself? She has told us before that she is taking care of herself, but our son is temporarialy staying with her and he tells us the truth. Please help, I am at my wits end.

buy nefful ion negative product for her...
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ashish c
She must take care of herself.Restricted diet,morning walk and regular check-up along with medicine

Get an appointment with a doctor to help her because she will die if she doesn't take care of herself. You must really love her. I would put her in a nursing home where people will take care of her, though 62 seems young to go to a nursing home. Check out the assisted living places to find one that will take care of her. Make sure shes okay with getting moved though...

seems you got ur hands full!

Tim Br
Buy her some Splenda.

Zoe Dot
make an appointment with a professional. see someone, get her into a clinic if possible. yes, she is killing herself and she needs to change her ways. maybe the threat of taking her to hospital will work. you need help. you need someone to give her a plan and to monitor her progress.

peggy m
You and I have something in common. She doesn't realize the consequences and unless you can hire someone to "make" her do what she has to, it isn't going to happen. I tired and everything looked like it was going well and couldn't figure out why her glucose was always running high, til I discovered she was hiding snacks in her room, raiding the fridge late at night and piggin out at fast food places whenever she left the house. I gave up and now just make comments to her that it's too bad she doesn't want to be around to see her great grand children!

Mrs. WC
My family has a small assisted living facility. There are many avenues to help pay for this. Most are private pay and have extra fees. Most of the ones I know about do not charge extra for medication assistance, but they do for laundry, transportation etc. We do not charge extra, except when a resident has to be taken daily for treatments in the larger city near us.

Getting her a house of her own is not going to solve the problem of her neglecting herself. You will either need to move her in with you and one of you take responsibility for her care, hire someone to come in daily to make sure she is doing as she should or put her in an assisted living.

Email me if you'd like more information on the different things available. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

There is really nothing you can do to make her take care of herself. At least until something catastrophic happens like she looses a leg! And maybe not even then.

I have never seen some of my relatives and friends who have diabetes check their glucose levels! That does not mean that they are not doing it. Just that they keep that totally private.

Some of my friends don't eat according to my way of thinking on keeping tight glucose control, but that is up to them!

It sounds like your MIL is not wanting to live! This is also her choice no matter what you may think. My mother was this way after we lost daddy! And she did manage to kill herself, with the help of her "dark ages doctors". (dark ages = more than 15 years ago)

She may be doing just exactly what her doctors tell her to do. Some doctors are not up on the latest treatments for diabetes, and expect us to all die of gangrene or heart disease or liver or kidney disease. They don't insist on glucose testing, they do insist that the old "diabetes exchange food system" is best treatment. Some of them are so dark ages that they have their patients take a set amount of medium acting or dual purpose insulin once a day with no testing.

Don't necessarily blame your MIL for the state of affairs she is enduring.

When you move her, get copy of all her medical records and take them to new doctors. This may help her to take better care of herself.

As to assisted living arrangements or her own place, ask her!!!

Kavita .
I agree with Kel.

She is old enough to make her own decisions.

Get her a nice compact apartment with a full time maid and/or a nurse, if you are that worried.

Give her lots of literature about diabetics. The literature can be obtained from any hospital and is FoC.

She needs her independence just as much you do.

Do not force her to do anything that she does not want to do.

Keep peace :)


Man in Black
There is only so much that we can do to encourage our loved ones to take care of themselves.

If you can, get her doctor to send her to a diabetes education class. Most major hospitals have them now, and they are almost always paid for by insurance. They will teach her all about her disease and how to control it. They will also talk about the potential complications in her future if she doesn't do something to take control of her health. If she has all of the knowledge in hand, and still refuses to take care of herself, I think there is little else that you can do. Some people just don't care until they start suffering the consequences of their inaction, and then wish they could go back and do things differently.

Good luck to you.

First of all, despite the fact you love her and want what is best for her, you have to remember that unless she is mentally impaired, she is an adult and is responsible for making her own decisions and being compliant with her health care plans-- you cannot MAKE her want to take care of herself.

That said, your best bet, unless you have unlimited time, is to make sure she has placement in an assisted living-- you should also check with your doctor's office or local hospital and talk to a social worker and see what resources you have available for assistance and what programs there are that might be helpful for her and you== She just might need some motivation and some encouragement from others in her same situuation--

People A
Assisted living costs an arm and a leg...maybe $2000 to $5000 a month (extra fees for having a nurse to give meds and treatments ).

You can't force her to accept treatment for diabetes...even the nursing home can't do that..it could be construed as "battery"....as in "assault and battery"....It is possible that you or the assisted living could convince her to accept treatment..

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