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Low blood sugars and OJ......?
is there something in orange juice that helps bring your blood sugar back up faster? (besides sugar and carbs) the only reason I am asking is because I have seen questions that have to do with low blood sugar and a lot of answers saying that you should drink orange juice to bring your bs back up. why orange juice?
Additional Details
i want to scream! this is bothering me! ok, one day i asked a pharmacist what to eat when i have a low blood sugar (i am a type 1 diabetic, the pharmacist happened to have type 1 diabetes too) he said that OJ works well and that he eats peanut butter to bring his bs back up.(i think he said that peanut butter helped to keep his bs up...he said somethin like that)......OK....i told him that i usually drink a can of pop to bring my bs up (and NO it is NOT diet) but sometimes pop dont work for me and he told me that sometimes pop will have no effect on your blood sugar and that it will run right through you......usually when pop doesnt work for me i am stressed out or somethin.....when pop doesnt work for me OJ does......WHY OJ??? WHY PEANUT BUTTER??? and WHY DOESNT POP SOMETIMES WORK?!?!? is there something else in oj that is not in pop that helps bring your bs back up?

btw i hope people who read this can understand it!!

Eddie H
Don't know for sure but I was told the same thing by a lot of people. OJ and peanut butter both help me raise my sugar. Now I use glucose tablets, more convenient to have around.

The reason that orange juice and peanut butter work are because they naturally have fiber in them that can carry the sugar through your bloodstream to give you a more even and long lasting sugar level. Soda pop is just liquid sugar that has no food value. There's nothing nutritionally in it for your body to "grab" onto.

OJ because it's all around healthier than soda. As to why soda doesn't work sometimes, I don't know. I do know that the glycemic index is probably involved, because soda carbs will raise the sugar and then soon after the BS will plummet again. OJ also, but not as bad. PB has protein in it. Protein helps to even out the BS, and keep it up. This is why, when I was diagnosed, they told me that if it was not near a meal time, eat protein with/slightly after sugar when I have low BS.

I agree with beccabottin. OJ digests faster so it works faster/better. Pop will work (at least some will), but you can easily bottom out again with that. Peanut butter, for me, doesn't raise my blood sugar more, it just keeps my blood sugar more level. PB will last in the system longer--it is one of the longer lasting proteins due to the peanuts in it.

OJ and regular soda has loads of sugar in them. They will bring low sugar levels up very fast.

I Bleed Black & Gold
cause if you drink orange juice it will bring your suger level up and stay there a while.some drink pop and thats not a good way to bring it up,cause it may drop again.

It's because it is liquid. Milk actually works better for me because I can digest it faster.

you can also eat peanut butter snadwich too. to bring it up.

Becuz it has lots of sugar, and it should be 4oz of OJ, not like a whole glass; because then it would bring you BS up too much.

Pop brings your BS up as much as OJ most likely, but OJ stays in your system longer, so it keeps your BS up, where with pop, it will probably bottom out quickly. Usually if you use both Peanut Butter and OJ, it's a good combo. The OJ is digested quicker and brings it up quick, and the Peanut Butter digests slower, so it picks up when the OJ drops off.

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